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Hi friends! Khondoker here.

I’m working online since 2009- full time. Over the years I have created and launched at least 20 training courses and (Done-For-You) sales funnels. And I earned pretty good reputation in the marketplaces.

I was making money online following a few methods I invented. But then “List building and Email marketing” appeared very lucrative to me. So, I started to turn those money making methods in to training courses. I launched the courses and they sold in thousands. Also, it built my list very fast and cheap!
So, my training courses are not just theories. They came from real life experience and practice. Case studies included with results and stats are the proofs.
I also had to create a few sales funnel so that I can capture subscribers for my email list. I took time to test my funnels with both free and paid traffic and tweaked them to perfection. They have become profit machines. I’m still using a few of these funnels.
I turned the funnels in to products and launched only after they became a conversion machines. I shared all my results and stats with my customers. Their eyes were lit up seeing all those stats, and they bought my “Done-For-You” sales funnels like crazy!
Now, a few days back I was browsing warrior plus. I noticed some products of the leading product-vendors. They bundled their successful products and relaunched with a much lower price!
That’s what gave me the idea to make a December discount product. That is, to pack my courses and “Done-For-You” sales funnels (with all their OTOs) in a bundle. And give away with a tiny portionof their real price. You may be surprised to know, all the products are still selling at the launch prices.
To make my bundle more valuable, I added some bonuses. I went to my online friends, buddies and business partners. I asked permission to give away some of their current selling products.
Some of them responded. And I bundled those current-selling products in my package. The selling price together becomes $144.80. That’s the total if I add the price of all the individual products.
I set the price of this pack at  $12.95.00 for a brief period.
 Each of the products, my courses or the bonuses, are still selling (individually) at a much higher price ($144.80)! So, don’t miss this opportunity. Check the products below and hit the link below…:



Hi, I'm Khondoker & you can know me better by going to About page above. Here, I like to describe the purpose of this blog briefly. Our blog is all about making money online. That being said, we want to point out that buying online (courses or whatever) won't make you money, selling will. So you need to know the art of selling online to make money. It does not matter what you want to sell. It may be your own product; it may be someone else's product you are affiliated with, it may be physical goods, or it may be digitally downloadable products! The bottom line is you need to master the technique of selling online and you can learn a lot of it in this blog.

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