My First Digital Product Creation

I’m a product creator. I launched more than a dozen digital-products in the affiliate networks. You can check the collection of my best products here. But there was a time when digital product creation process was not even in my dreams!

I become nostalgic recalling the time of first digital product creation. It was hard for me, I was new in the industry but I took the challenge. And that’s what paid off.

I started my Internet marketing journey with the affiliate marketing at the end of 2009. I was making commissions here and there. But I realized that I need to create digital products to make considerable amount. I committed myself to the product creation at the start of 2001.

But what product I can make? I was a newbie at that time. Didn’t got the experience needed to create digital products from scratch. So I checked warrior forum and warrior plus. What were the products that others creating? Which product sold in good numbers, etc. I researched a lot. And finally came up with an idea.

I noticed that done-for-you type of products was selling very good. They are still now. I studied a few successful done-for-you products. I studied their sales page and JV page. I bought a few to check the quality of the products.

Then I decided I’m going to create a done-for-you list building funnel. I detailed my plan. I listed the elements I need to create. I planned a basic sales funnel. The list becomes like below:

1. Squeeze page (HTML)
2. Offer page (HTML)
3. Thank-you page (HTML)
4. Optin Report for Squeeze page
5. A digital product to sell from the offer page
6. Funnel set up manual

It was a daunting task for me. I can do these 7 steps from scratch in 7-10 days now. But it took close to 2 months from planning to listing on the affiliate network. I will go through each step in details, how I managed.

Now, about the first 3 steps. I was not a techie. HTML code was Hebrew to me at that time. No way I could do it all by myself. I took the easy rout. I paid money to someone else to make the pages for me. As per my instructions. I appointed a local boy to do it. And I visited his office more than 10 times to check.

But funny things happened there. I told him I was going to deliver the file to my customers. But I was not aware that I should instruct him to make the files editable for my customers. Well, he was no Internet marketer. He thought these files are some kind of copy-write things. He thought it’s his duty to see my customers cannot change or edit a thing! So, he coded the files making editing as difficult as possible for the non-techies. LOL.

So, I took the files and my step 1-2-3 was done. But later, I got many complaints from my customers on this.

I wrote a 34-page pdf report on list building for the step-4. LOL. That is to give away a free report from my squeeze page.

Let me tell you a secret. You do not have to write 34 page to create a 34-page pdf report. Maybe you need to write 10 pages in a document file, in 12 points single line. Writing 3000-7000 word report is good to go. My one was 6795 words.

You can increase pages in pages to look good and heavy in many ways. For first 2-3 pages go for a full image and some legal thing. Another page for the “Table of Contents.” Insert as many relevant images as possible. It will increase engagement with your readers and it will increase the number of pages at the same time! LOL.

Use the last page as resources page. Insert as many relevant recourse-links, your affiliate links if possible.

my-first digital-product-creationThere are a few other tricks to make your pdf report beefy. Use the font size 14 to 16. Make double or 1.5 line spacing. Increase or decrease the borders around. Choose a color and put a colored border around your content. Your pdf report will look nice and professional this way. These little things add up and make your report professional.

I also watched a few YouTube video to understand how to prepare the look of my report. Go to Youtube and search the program you are using. I use Open Office Org. So I looked for, “how to structure a document in open office org.”

So I wrote a 6795-word report and it was not easy for me. It needed a lot of research, a lot of reading. I also listened to some YouTube video and wrote the transcript on a notepad. I used these texts later in my report. Adjusting making necessary changes.

I planned my report, decided my chapters, and then wrote down the headlines of the chapters. Okay, let me be more specific what I did. I took a few similar reports. I got a few for free at warrior forum’s war room. I also purchased a few. I studied how they have structured their content. How they broke-down their contents into chapters.

I took only the headlines of the from those reports. Some from here and a few from there. I re-wrote the headlines to make them to my liking. So the structure of my report was done.

The next step left was to expand those chapters. It became easier for me. Because anytime I searched Google using my headlines, some articles showed up. All I had to do was to read those relevant articles and re-bottle in my own language.

I used a few online and free-grammar checking tools to make my document as error-free as possible. I use “Grammarly” to correct my grammars. They have a free version. I also use Hemingway app to check readability. The tool is free as well!

Then I made a pdf version of my document. It is a one-click thing at any type of word program. I named the report, Killimage of my first product- onestoplistblueprinter List-building Blueprint. You can check it here:

Step 5 was the hardest of all steps for me. I needed to create a product that my subscribers would buy. So it’s quality must be up to the standard. Otherwise, they will not pull their wallet out!

I decided to create another tutorial, a video series. But the problem was I’m not a native English. I could write pages after pages in English, but I cannot talk in English at a length. Also, my English pronunciation is bad. Another problem was, I thought no way I could speak in front of the camera. So how could I create a video tutorial with a series?

But I didn’t give up. I started to create the video scripts using the same technique I created my optin-report. I made slides and required screen casts. Then I hired another person for the voice over. With trial and error, finally, I made the video series. I named it “One Stop List Blueprint.”

My first digital product- A complete list building and email marketing funnelCreating the funnel set up manual was easier than other steps. I already got my funnel files and testes them uploading to my domain. Then I added my lead capture form. They were working perfectly. So, I just documented the process. It became quite good with a lot of screen-shot images. That was step 6.

The story of my first digital product creation ends with the successful completion of step 6. I named my product package “A complete List Building & Email Marketing Funnel.”

I was sure that the quality of the product was pretty standard and I could put a lot of value. The story continued with the promotion of the product, but it’s different story. May be some other time!

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