Outsourcing Info Products

Outsourcing Info Products in bulk and market them is one of the Auto-pilot income models. Auto-pilot income is the holy grail of internet marketing. Making money while you sleep is a universal desire among people in general.

The key to achieving this holy grail that most people don’t seem to get is outsourcing. Producing auto-pilot income without some degree of outsourcing is impossible.

There are several ways to outsource an info-product creation business model:
Outsource research and data mining
Outsource creation of your mind map
Outsource ebook writing
Outsource video creation based on your ebook
Outsource mp3 extraction from your videos
Outsource production of your sales letter
Outsource the presentation of your sales letter to your market
(this could be a WSO, Clickbank, Kindle or something else)
Outsource Customer Service
Outsource income data analysis
(makes sure that your profit margins are always within acceptable parameters)

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You need to produce only the product idea if you use this business model. Maybe you go one step further and create a rough outline and a mind map based on your product idea. Others will do everything else for you.

As long as your profit margins are acceptable, you’re free to do as you please. The key here is keeping those profit margins within your acceptable limits. That is profiting after paying people to do all these tasks for you.

You may not have enough revenue to hire any VA’s or freelancers to do the various tasks for you in the beginning. You need to keep reinvesting your income back to your business. Doing so, you’ll be able to add more and more people to assist you.

The #1 rule of outsourcing is that every person you hire must justify their spot on your team. Say, you are paying someone $1000 a month for video creation. Those videos they make had better bring in over $1000k per month. Outsourcing should always be an investment, not an expense.

The good news is that for most tasks finding cheap help is pretty straightforward. You can hire VA’s from countries such as India and the Philippines that will work for as little as $4 an hour in some cases. These VA’s are perfect for research, data mining and keeping track of your profit margins.

You need to pay more for e-book creation, video creation and copywriting. Due to this, you will end up doing these tasks yourself until you’re making enough money to hire people to do it for you. Make sure that when you do hire people to perform these tasks that they’re worth what you’re paying them.

One of the keys to successful outsourcing is being able to communicate to your hired help what they need to do. Better to give them an outline of what you want. Also, you need to make sure response time of your instructions is not too long.

Say you did all the essential tasks of product creation. Then you did all the marketing and selling of your first product. You will get an idea first-hand what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone is going to have their style. You need to discover yours early on.
When you’re discovering your way of doing things, keep a log of every single task you did. Also, write down detailed instructions on how you did it. This log will serve as sort of an instruction manual for your hired help later.

You can also use video programs such as Jing to record video of all the tasks you do and how you do them. These can serve as tutorial videos for your hired help and ensure that they don’t deviate from your game plan.

Finally, you should be careful to start outsourcing info product tasks. Small tasks outsourcing on Fiverr with $5 is okay. You can do it whenever needed.

But appointing virtual assistants for advance tasks need testing. Your first VA may not perform to your satisfaction. You need to go through the trial and error process to locate the right person. You can make a long-term contract once you find your person.

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