Recipe For Making Money Online successfully

Anyone can make money online selling their skills. Like content writing, graphics design, web design, etc. You can make some money working on surveys or writing content for others. There are hundreds of ways you can make money online working for others.

But making money online, by “contract” working for others is not the subject of this report. When I am referring to “Make money online,” I am referring to online money-making business. A business strategy that generates income on its own once it’s set up correctly. A business strategy that makes a permanent income from the Internet and is long-term sustainable.

I’ll also show you the recipe for online money-making strategy. The concept and elements of it. Then I’ll discuss the psychology that works behind the strategy. I’ll also show a practical way to become successful in making online money. This strategy works for every business models out there on the Internet.

Success Recipe -The Basics

Let us start by figuring out the reasons people use the Internet these days. Is it difficult to figure out? Check why you use the Internet. Okay, let me reveal mine first. I browse the Internet basically for three reasons.

The first one is for Research purpose. Whenever I need an information on a specific issue, I start browsing the Internet. The type of information may vary but the purpose remains the same; that is, to find the right information which would serve my purpose.

In fact, the information I look for are the solutions to something. I look for solutions to a problem that I need or that is bothering me. Or a solution I need desperately to meet an urgent demand. In most cases, I come up with the right information. I believe there is a solution for everything on the Internet.

The second reason I browse the Internet looking for entertainment. Music, video, movie, movie trailer, socialization, communication, friendship, sport, fashion, gambling, what not? There are all varieties of entertainment available.

The third reason I go to the Internet, like many thousands of others, is for shopping and other financial transactions. Again, shopping begins with ordering a pizza to a wide variety of purchases!

There may be some other reasons to use the Internet but these three are the primary reasons I use the Internet.

Well, there is a fourth reason for me, and I believe it will be yours as well at the end of this report! At least, that’s the motto behind putting up this little report. That is, making money online using general people’s usage pattern of the Internet.

It is true that like general people, I use the Internet for the reasons I pointed above, but I also seek opportunities to make money from the Internet. People look for information; I try to figure out what the information they are looking for and from where they are getting it, and then I make strategies to make money from it. People shops and I research what they shop, where they shop, and I try to figure out how to make money out of it! Like millions, I use Facebook for socialization, but I also try to make money while socialization!

You have to notice one thing. A huge number of people purchases using the Internet and a small number of people, compared to the purchasers, sells using the Internet.
I am welcoming you with this report to join with the later kind. It’s a worldwide market and always expanding. So, there is plenty of room for everybody!

Success Recipe: The Process

People look for information on the Internet, and the fact is they are not unwilling to pay for the right kind of information. They happily pay for the information, that would serve their purpose, the kind of information that relieves them, the kind of information that makes their pain go away.

Same goes for Internet shoppers and every area of Internet users. If you can place the right product in front of a person looking for that specific product on the Internet, they would not hesitate to purchase from you.

Whatever you want to sell on the Internet; you must place it as a satisfactory solution of some problem. You can make money only if your product can solve other people’s problem.

So, the process of making money online is simple. We can break it down into three factors, like:

1. Your product must be a solution to other people’s problem.

2. Your product must be good, or at least satisfactory as a solution to other people’s
3. Your product can be reached through the Internet easily by the people who need it.

So, let’s start with number one. Can you solve other people’s problem with something? I bet you can. Think of something that you are good at or something that you know better or something that gives you pleasure and satisfaction. It may be your hobby or your job, that doesn’t matter as long as you are good at it.

Maybe your hobby is backyard gardening, and you love doing it! There is a lot of people interested to know the ins-&-outs of backyard gardening from you. Or maybe you are a good car mechanic or a good drummer or a good ………..anything. You have the ability to contribute to that field whatever you’re good at. Or think like this, you may like using a particular brand of a washing machine or a mower, and you are satisfied by its service. You are a right person to contribute the right information of these goods to others. You can explain why it’s good! Other people will listen to you and some of them purchase from you, and you make money out of each product-sale from the product company.

Got my point? It is easy to find out what you are going to sell to other people and solve their problem selling it. A good skin doctor can contribute his knowledge of the acne cure, and he can put it in a report and place it on the Internet. The people desperately looking for acne cure will buy his report online.

The second factor to make money online with your product is, your product must be good and really solves other people’s problem. Whatever product you come up, you must have in-depth knowledge on that. You must be an authority on the subject. Your product can gather many online testimonials and referees from satisfied customers, and the news of your product will spread like wildfire.

The third is, it is not good enough for making money online if you could come up a product that solves other people’s problem, you have to make sure you place it rightly on the Internet, in such a way that people in need can find your product easily on the Internet.

So, you have to place your product in some kind of web page or pages and have to make sure that page comes up first whenever some needy person looks for the same on the Internet. That means, either you have to make sure that your web page is indexed and ranked by the search engines so that whenever people search for it, the search engine forwards your web pages as the solution of the search. Or you have to make sure you attract interested visitors to your web page some other way, maybe from the social site like Facebook.


The Vital Element of the Recipe (Client List)

Now, I am going to discuss the most vital element of make-money on-line success recipe. This element alone makes your make money online venture permanent and sustainable. Even you do not have to rely on search engines or social sites for interested visitors once you can set up this element.

Every business tries to retain its customers. Selling over and over to a customer is the purpose of this retention process. They want a loyal group of customers who are happy to be sold over and over. They do it many ways; promotional gifts, discount cards, membership cards, etc. are few examples of the attempt to retain customers.

The same thing goes on the make-money-online world of the Internet. Whatever product you come up, you have to find interested people of your product and your product line. You are going to make a list of them and put it in a database so that you can contact them at your will.

A list containing names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. is needed by offline businesses to retain customers. But only a list of names and email addresses and in most cases, only emails serves the purpose of online businesses.

A list containing few hundred emails can make you more money than thousands of visitors you send to your web by any other means. The first reason is, you already know that they showed interest in your product and your product line.

Secondly, you can communicate with them and nurture them as your valued customers and build your reputation and trust with them.

Thirdly, you can send a new offer of your product line whenever you like, knowing that it would be appropriated by most of them. Making an email list of interested buyers is the most sustainable business model so far on the Internet. Income grows with the size of the list. Rule of thumb is, one email will give you a
dollar a month. Imagine you have a list of 3000 or even 30000 emails!

Well now, we are through with our make-money online- success recipe. The vital element of the recipe comes out to be the list building. In fact, building email list of interested prospects is a business model on its own.

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