Solo Ads Or Funnel Clicks- Which One Is Better?

soloads Vs funnel clicks- which is better

Solo Ads or funnel clicks, which is better? Well, the first thing we need to know what are they. And whats the difference between solo-ad clicks and the funnel clicks, right?

Okay, what are solo-ad clicks?

Solo ads are the types of ads that you send to a list of subscribers through emails. The email contains a link that directs the readers to the actual offer. The email body acts as the presell of the offer with a strong call-to-action.
Well, I know you may not have a list of subscribers. But you can buy a certain amount of Solo clicks from those who have.

Now, what are the funnel clicks?

Funnel clicks are unlike Solo ad clicks. These types of clicks don’t come from emails, but any other sources than emails. It comes from a product vendor’s download page. These clicks could come from other people’s opt-in page redirection also.
In a nutshell, funnel clicks are the clicks that come from other than email sources.
Now that we know what the Solo ads are, what are the funnel clicks, and what are the difference between them. So, let’s move forward.


The technique of Purchasing Solo ads

In most cases, we use Solo Ads to build a subscriber list on a specific niche. Its destination is a squeeze page. There the clickers get a gift in exchange for their email addresses.
Once they are on your database, you can make some money by redirecting them to a paid offer page. As a result, some of them will buy, and you will make money.
But don’t jump into buying Solo Ads yet. This model of building a subscriber list is speedy and profitable. But I must warn you that you may lose all your investment if you don’t know what you are doing.
The thing is, the market is full of both excellent and terrible Solo ad vendors. The terrible one will try to cheat you, and they may send you:
  • non-human bot traffic
  • low-quality traffic
  • clicks from browser ads
  • clicks from Pay-per-click sites or
  • clicks from the websites like


types of low quality solo ad clicks infographics

Now, you may want to know how to avoid them? That discussion is coming below. You’ll know how to prevent the awful Solo vendors. Also how to find a lot of great and honest sellers who will send you high-quality clicks.

The Right Place To Find Solo Ad Sellers

One of the best places to find a great Solo ad vendor is Facebook groups. There are a lot of private groups, both for Solo Ads and Funnel clicks. A lot of sellers promote their services in those groups. And you need to join some of them.
Use the search box of Facebook to find the groups and send a request to the admin for your membership. Once approved, examine the offers of different sellers.
There are Solo ads and Clickbanking testimonial Facebook groups also. Purchasers of Solo clicks or funnel clicks post their testimonials. You can find such a group


What You Should Look for

Before you choose your solo vendors, you should check if they have a lot of testimonials. Read the testimonials if they have. And judge the quality of the service from the customer’s feedback.
You should also ask some questions once you pick up your vendor. We will go over which questions to ask them below.


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Process of building a list with solo ads-infographics

What Are The Questions To Ask Before Buying Solo Ads

Once you complete selecting some legit solo vendors, you need to email or message them. Express your interest in buying a specific package. And also tell them that you need to clarify some issues before you buy.
Active and legit vendors don’t mind answering what you want to ask. Here is a template of the 4 essential questions below. We can use them as it is or you can change them, up to you.
1: Do You Have A First Time Buyers Discount?
You must ask this question if you don’t find any announcement of first-time buyer discount. Asking for a discount would keep your costs low.
2: Are You A Click Broker?
Some solo vendors are click brokers. They buy clicks from other vendors cheap and sell it to you at a higher price. The quality of such clicks generally is low, and you should avoid a broker as far as possible.
3: Do You Guarantee A Certain Tier 1 Percentage?
At least 70% of the total clicks should be of

tier1 countries, and you should ensure it by asking what would be the percentage.

Once they assure you tier1 clicks, you will have the advantage of asking the refund. Or more clicks if they don’t comply.
4: How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Clicks?
It’s crucial to ask the duration of the delivery; when it is starting and how long to finish. You want the clicks delivered within 72 hours. If the seller can’t provide the clicks, you can work your way into purchasing funnel clicks.
I am starting to make the transition over to buying funnel clicks instead of solo ads. Funnel-clicks are converting better for me, and they are cheaper! Some of you might not know what funnel clicks are. I will explain it below.
Why I Like Funnel Clicks Better Than Solo Ads
There are a couple of reasons I am starting to like funnel clicks better than solo ads. They seem to convert better, and they are usually cheaper so you can get more subscribers for less money.
Know The Traffic Source Before You Buy
You must ask to funnel click sellers the same questions you asked solo ad sellers. You may add one more issue like, “What is the source of your traffic.” There are a few sellers who include exit pop traffic in their funnel click packages. Avoid that seller if that’s the case. The conversion rate of exit traffic is low, and it’s not worth spending money on. You want to make sure the clicks come from one of the following pages:
  • Thank-you-page
  • Opt-in redirect page
  • PS clicks
  • Follow up sequence clicks.
Where To Find Funnel Click Sellers
You can find funnel click sellers in the same groups you found solo ad sellers. There is also another group you should join that is for funnel clicks. Click here to check a group.
I am in that group almost every day. I buy high-quality traffic for a reasonable price! Also, it might take a little longer for you to receive all the clicks you ordered, but that’s okay. Make sure they send you all the clicks within ten days or less (unless you ordered a HUGE package of clicks)
Tracking The Clicks
Now, you found a seller who has some good testimonials in the Facebook group. You have asked them the necessary questions, and their answers satisfied you. Order the required clicks and be confident of receiving high-quality clicks.
Remember to track the clicks using quality tracking service or software. You want to know how many opt-ins you receive from each seller. Also, you need to know how many tier1 clicks they sent you.
Solo Ads or funnel clicks? Let’s Conclude
Solo Ads and Funnel Clicks have something in common. They guarantee the number of people entering your website offer. If you order 100 clicks, the vendor ensures that you’ll get at least 100 people to open your offer.
But you may be wondering, “if all do the same, which one is best for me?”.
That will depend on your offer and many other factors! You can start with solo ads first and then try funnel clicks. You need to assess yourself which one will be better for you.
But if you have been purchasing solo ads, save yourself some money and give funnel clicks a try. My conversions went up about 10% on average when I did that. It’s a HUGE increase when it comes to list-building.