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Top Of Funnel Content To Grow Awareness

Top Of Funnel Content To Grow Awareness

What Kind Of Content Should You Use To Top Of Funnel Content For Growing Awareness

We will discuss what Top of funnel content is and how to use it to grow your business awareness. We’re also going to talk about some common pitfalls of building out Top of funnel content. And how the pitfalls set you up for failure.
We’re going to talk about awareness content and also the funnel in general. So marketing funnels are made up of three parts.
  1. The Top-of-Funnel, which is the awareness
  2. The middle of the funnel, which Is evaluation, and
  3. The funnel’s bottom is the conversion


 So we’re, going to be talking about Top of Funnel content that builds awareness.


So awareness is vital. If somebody doesn’t know about your business, there’s no way for them to do business with you. That makes total sense. You can’t buy something from someone if you don’t know if the company exists. How could you know that you wanted to buy an electric car? If you didn’t know, Tesla?


That’s just a straightforward example. But until you know a product or service exists, you’re not able to do business with the company. So this is very important.


It would be best if you continued to attract new people to your business. Your business will die and start to starve itself if you don’t attract new customers and new clients,


So building brand awareness is critical. But if you are looking to increase your ROI in your business. You start at the awareness phase, that is
the Top of Funnel content.


Suppose you’re looking to inject more sales. Or build referrals or things like that, you should focus on the bottom of the funnel. It’s because that’s where we measure ROI.


When you’re building out awareness campaigns, you increase awareness, but it’s not a linear with sales. You’ll have more views and more likes and comments and shares. But that doesn’t necessarily always translate into more sales.


It would be best if you had a bridge between awareness and conversion. So that’s done through offers and evaluation and retargeting.


I hope that makes sense. We call these the vanity metrics at this stage of the funnel. A reason for that you can’t deposit Likes. You can’t deposit comments. You can’t deposit subscribers.


You need to be selling products and services to increase your ROI on your ad campaigns. You can’t build ad campaigns without having awareness, so they’re essential. But they’re not linear.
They’re not a linear correlation, and I want to make that note.


So, where does content? Like blog posts, pictures on Instagram posts, on social network videos live streams? Things like that? You’re creating content. And the goal here is that we’re trying to attract your ideal customers.


If you don’t know who your ideal customer is. But I’m going to go over three precise questions that will help you clarify who your target is. So it would be best if you were creating content for your business on a very consistent schedule.


I like to suggest starting with at least once a month to create content. That is very helpful, and I know that business owners are very busy, so creating content is very difficult.


You can create one piece of content a month that’s at least better than nothing. The content you should be creating should work out in a way that it’s attracting your ideal customers. I like to create content that shows off your personality.


Your values and who you’re trying to attract things like memes are great because it helps to get a lot of awareness. You get shares and likes and comments.


I like to add humor as much as possible. When you have something funny or interesting or entertaining, it gets a lot more traction. It needs to be funny, delightful, light, or it needs to be very helpful. We’re trying to create shareable content, and people will engage with the content.


Segment your audience with re-offer, remarket, and different offers to these people. So if you are a realtor, for example, doing live streams of open houses, you’re doing.


If you are a veterinarian, doing a live stream, a plumber, talking about crazy things that happen. We try to inject as much personality as possible. There are many dull brands out there.


People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. They want companies that they can engage and relate with. So don’t be too serious when you’re creating content.


One of the problems that I see many times with businesses and brands is that they’re super serious. And are afraid to show any personality. So as much as possible. Show personality, be engaging, be entertaining, and be helpful.


We measure Likes, comments, shares, clicks time, on-site bounce rate. And we take things that as vanity metrics. We do not measure return on ad spend. However, you may get sales at this stage of the funnel. It depends on your products and services sometimes.


If you’re an e-commerce business and you’re selling t-shirts. For example, sending people to a blog post or video, there is a chance that you could get sales. But that’s not the goal here. The goal is that we’re building retargeting audiences.


We’re building click lists and retargeting lists to show them the next step of the offers. So that’s. Things like lead magnets, webinars, basically taking the next step in the relationship. Here we measure Top of Funnel metrics.


When I see people who say, you know what, digital marketing doesn’t work for me. They’re only focusing on Top of funnel activities. And they’re not getting people to take the next step in the relationship. They’re not guiding people through a funnel.


You must be using Top of funnel content alongside other content types, which will drive them to offers.


Top of funnel content is essential. You need to develop people who are aware of your business. They are aware of what you do and engaging with the content you create.


 It’s also crucial that you have the next stages of the funnel, so typically, a good thing to do is create a Content plan. Make a one month, three months or better, twelve months of content planning.


It would be best to have all the marketing pieces working together to drive people through your funnel and place them where you want.


If you’re only trying to get Likes and shares and comments that will not help, you grow your business. It would be best if you also built out the bottom of the funnel.


So, Top of Funnel Content is for raising awareness of your visitors. The middle funnel content grows evaluation. And then, the bottom of the funnel brings conversion.


I hope you enjoyed this discussion on the Top of Funnel Content. Please comment below if you any further explanation on the matter. Happy to help and offer advice, so have a great day, and stay tuned for the next one.

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