img { max-width: 100%; display: block; } Transforming PLR Packages- Part 1

Transforming PLR Packages- Part 1

Okay. Let me tell you that the Internet marketers need to go through transforming PLR packages. It benefits them in many ways.
You can create new contents by transforming plr packages and brand your name. It is the easiest method to establish your online presence.
Well, creating valuable content from scratch is the best way to contribute. But you cannot produce as many as you like and as fast as you like. Transforming plr packages and adding value to it would solve this problem. What I like is mix it up.
I’ll show you how I take a PLR package, edit it to make my own and squeeze benefit out of it. You can do the process of transforming plr packages in many ways and using different tools. But I will show you, how I do it. I’ll show you with example. I let you download a plr package from here and practice on it. Keep following me.
So, if you have not downloaded already, please download the plr package from here:

Down Load Responsive List Building Secrets

Download the package and unzip the file. You’ll get a folder, “Responsive List Building Secrets.” Open the folder. Inside, you will get another three folders. Graphics, Report, Web site and a text file named, License.txt.
Open the license.txt to check what are rights that are included with your download. Go through the file. The owner has given “unrestricted private label rights,” in this case. So we can do whatever we like with these files. No problem there.
The second important thing you should do is to browse through the folders to see what’s in it.
There are few images of the 3d book cover and a flat book cover in the “Images” folder. We will not use these. We will create our own book cover.
The second folder contains two files. Responsive List Building Secrets.pdf and Responsive List Building Secrets.doc. We don’t need the pdf file. We will take the doc file, edit, rename and personalize the file and convert it to a pdf file of our own.
The “Website” folder contains files that are to be hosted on our server. But we will not use these files. We will be creating our own web files. Like a sales page, squeeze page, download page, etc., with our own product our name printed on it.
Files And Folders Of Responsive List Building Zip Package Infograghics
Files And Folders Of Responsive List Building Zip Package Info-graphics
Now, let’s choose a color theme. Check the images of “graphics” folder. They used the blue theme. I always choose a color theme that is boldly different with the original plr package. Let’s say, we choose deep green as our color for this project.
First, we are going to edit and personalize the main e-book. Named, “Responsive-List-Building-Secrets”. We have to change the name. We have to rename it but rename it by something similar.
I used to search Google first, to search for an alike name with similar meaning. I searched “Responsive List Building Secrets” in the Google search. And came up with a similar and simple name. I got it all the ways to the 3rd page. It is a simple name and I liked it. Our e-book name will be, “How to Build Responsive Mailing List”. We are going to use this name instead of the original name, “Responsive-List-Building-Secrets”.
Now open a new blank document file. I use Open Office Writer but the process is like MS Office.
This file will be transferred as our e-book in pdf format. So, you should save the file with the name, “ How-To-Build Responsive-Mailing-List. Use these hyphens between each word. It keeps the URL intact, and error-free when the file is uploaded to a server.
I would like to change the appearance of my document. As different as possible from the original file. That will make it somewhat ‘stand alone.’
Now the default page in open office is 8.50”X11”. I would like to increase the page width to 9.50”. Go to format → page and the below-looking interface will appear. Increase the page width to 9.50” also reduce the margins (shown in the picture) to .50” from the default .79”.



Now go to “Border” tab shown in the picture. Here I would give a border, specify how I want my border around my pages and select border color into deep green. Our color theme is deep green, remember?


Transforming PLR packages- fig2

I generally don’t want to change the color of my page and keep it white. If you like a specific color, go to “Background” tab and choose some light color.
Now I insert a header and a footer. In the header, I place the name of my e-book, i.e. “How to build responsive mailing list.” Also, I place a line under it. See the picture below:


Transforming PLR packages- fig3





Transforming PLR packages- fig4

Okay. Now our page is ready. We need to insert our content. Open the “Responsive List Building Secrets.doc” file at the “Reports” folder.
Now, copy all the text thereby Edit →Select All →Copy.
And paste it into our new file named “How To Build Responsive List”.
Here, I change font and font size. I like a font called “Yu Gothic Light” and font size 15 or 16. Perfect for pdf format. But you also need to change line spacing to 1.5 because the content appears too clumsy in pdf with line spacing 1.
Now, we have to edit few things. From “Edit” drop-down menu, select “Find & Replace”. Replace “Responsive List Building Secrets” with “How To Build Responsive List.” This will replace all the “Responsive List Building Secrets”. And place “How To Build Responsive List” instead in the document. Look at the image below.


Transforming PLR packages- fig5

I don’t edit or rewrite any text. But I change all the headlines of the contents and make a new “table of contents,” discarding existing one. Reason for that is, the page number will not be same. because of all those changes with page settings, font size, and line spacing.
Take an example of existing and changed headlines:
Introduction- Introduction
The Gadgets You Need- Resources Needed
Developing A High Converting Squeeze Page- Making a Squeeze Page that converts
Generating Largest Profits – Max. Profit Generation, etc.
But I like to go through the content at least once so that I understand what I’m selling.
Another important thing is to check all the links in the content. Check whether the links are live and functional. If a link is taking to the error page, we need to replace that link with similar resources. And never misuse an opportunity of inserting your affiliate links if there is a chance.
Well done! We have created a stand-alone e-book by transforming PLR packages. Now export the document- oh, wait. There is one more thing we must do. We must create a book design with our name and paste at the first page of this document.

We have created our e-book. We can call it our own. We can put our name on it. But it will not look complete and professional if we don’t make an image of it. Let’s check, how was the images of the original plr e-book, “Responsive List Building Secrets.” Head over to the “Graphics” folder. These were the images (below) of our PLR package!

Transforming PLR Packages- Part2

Designing an image is a complete and separate skill. Having or learning that skill is not essential for your Internet marketing journey. You can always skip it and pay someone (only $5.50) at to design a book cover for you.

But creating images is fun. Most people enjoy it, that includes me! We need images all the time on our IM journey. If you know how to create or edit an image, it will save you a lot of money.

We have to create images like above for our e-book. We have to design our cover from scratch. We need two tools to do it. We need the first tool to design the flat e-cover, and the 2nd tool to make the 3D cover image out of that flat e-cover.

The best tool for design, of course, is Photo Shop. Those who know how to operate the program can design their covers. I use a much easier free tool called, You can download a copy free from here:
You can get video walk-through tutorials here:


Go through the tutorials and practice on few images. It should not take more than 3 days to master the operation. But these 3 days will save many dollars in the coming days!

Let’s get to the point, how I create my e-book cover? Here is how I do it. Our color theme is deep green that we have selected earlier. Now I use to head over to Google Images and type “Deep-green background.” Some background images came up, but I didn’t like them for my e-cover. So I searched “Deep green background digital.” Most of the images here are water-marked, but I managed to choose one without.

I loaded the background in my free software. I made the below images in 5 minutes!


Transforming PLR Packages-Part2

Now We have to turn this flat image into the 3d book cover. For this, I use a paid software called e-cover authority by Chad Eljisr. But there are free resources as well. Search “Free online e-cover creator” in search engines and you will get plenty of resources.

There are advantages of paid e-cover creators. You can design your e-cover within the software with the templates they provide. But generally, I don’t use any templates and create my images myself like above.

Free or paid, principles of creating a 3D e-cover are the same. Load your design into the software and the software will take care of converting it to the 3d image. I have designed the image below with “”. Then I loaded into e-cover authority software, and the software provided the 3D image.

Transforming PLR Packages- Part2.2

After we got our 3D book cover image, resize it so that it fits in our “ How To Build Responsive List” document. Now copy the image and paste at the first page in the document.

Our e-book is almost done. Work on the “Table of Contents” and assign right page numbers to the headlines.

We have a new e-book. We imprinted our name on it as the author. We attached a brand-new 3d book-cover image with all the bells & whistles needed.

Now it’s time to extract profit out of it. We need to place our new e-book in front of as many (Internet browser’s) eyeballs as possible to make a profit from it. We need few web pages, particularly for this reason. We need to upload our e-book to a server as well. So that our clients could download our e-book.

First, go ahead and upload your e-book to your website. If your website is:,
then your download link will be:

[If you don’t know how to upload a file to your web hosting,, please follow this video tutorial.

I use to upload all my files to Amazon S3 server. If you want to use that route, you have to make an account there.

What kind of web page we will need depends on what’s our goal here.

We need to design a sales-page and a download page if we want to sell the e-book in the marketplaces. We would place a 3-D picture of the book on the sales page and write some benefits of our book.

The goal of a sales page is, to let the customers know the benefit of our product! It may be a long sales letter or a brief one, that depends on you! Every time I worked with a PLR, I used sales page with least amount of text- let them know what it is, that’s enough!

At the download page, we would place our e-book 3D picture with some text thanking them and the download link.

Maybe you want to collect subscribers to build an email list by giving away your e-book for free. you’ll need a web page called opt-in page or squeeze page in that case.

You need to announce that this book is available to download free of cost. But they need to subscribe to download. There should be a place to insert the email addresses. And that the email address will be in your database as soon as they insert it.

You need to subscribe any autoresponder company to manage your subscriber database. Your autoresponder company also supply you the email capture form code.

I hope you know how auto-responders work. If you don’t, head over to the video to have some basic idea.

Now, get to the point. That is designing a web page. This needs HTML coding knowledge, which is another advanced skill. I learned some basic HTML from free online resources in my initial days. I cannot design a complete web page with that little knowledge. But I can customize an existing web page template. Later, I used web page designing software like Dream Weaver.

But later I understood it’s waste of time and energy. Completely needless! Because there are many tools to ease this job.

Now I can design a stunning web page in minutes with few clicks! That gives me great advantages! Free Word Press plugins gave me that power. I can design stunning looking and functional web pages with a few clicks.

I will be very frank and honest with you. You do not have to learn HTML or any other programing language to create your web pages. It’s not worth it. Use word press and some page creating plugging.

I use three such plugins. I use “EpicSqueeze” to create my opt-in pages. It comes with complete video tutorials.



Now Epic Squeeze Plugin is a paid plugin. If you don’t want to invest money at present, there are free alternatives too:

You will get 10 free plugins that you can work with.

I use two plugins to create my sales pages and download pages, depending on the situation. I use Free GrooveFunnels when I need a simple web page. I use Free GrooveFunnels  when I need to design more elaborate and complex design pages. I purchased both the plugins. They work fantastic. I recommend both of them. I recommend because I am using both, and I am happy using both.

Well, are there other paid plugin that worth? Plenty! I used “Optimize Press 2.0” and it worked well to some extent. Now Optimize Press 3.0 is available and appreciated by many. So is “Lead Pages,” “Thrive Theme,” “Landing Page Monkey”, “ClickFunnels” and many more…but I haven’t used these. So recommending these will not be ethical for me!


Like I said before, you will get some extra features with a paid plugin. But if do not want to invest right now, there are plenty of free alternatives! You can get 11 different free page maker plugin in this link: 11 different free page maker plugin in this link:

The plugins generally come with video tutorials. You can find additional tutorials at YouTube if needed.

What to write in sales and download pages? Okay here are few simple sales page and download page I use (created with Free GrooveFunnels)

Sales Page
Download page

So it’s time to get to the work creating your pages. Install word press on your site, pick a plugin, paid or free. Go through the tutorials. Make a sales page and a download page for your new e-book.

Now check your PLR folder and find a folder named “Website”. You will get 3 web files named index.html, confirm.html, and thankyou.html. index.html is your sales page and thankyou.html is your download page. Confirm.html is not required unless you want a double opt-in.

Check these web-pages but don’t use these unless you know HTML and can change the design color etc.
But you can use the text of the pages to your new sales and download page.

That’s all from this tutorial. Thanks for being with me! But there will be one more tutorial tomorrow. I’ll show how you how you can upload your e-book at the Warrior Plus affiliate platform. And sell it from there fixing a price.

Okay, this is the final part of Transforming plr packages. You can find links to the other part at the bottom if you need.

Now, here’s our current status:

Our E-book: Ready
Sales Page: Ready
Download (Thank you) page: Ready

It’s time to plaque fruits of your efforts. If you want to sell it from your website, you have to fix a price the price between $1- $9. You need to insert a “Buy” button in the product image on your sales page.

You can create a payment button code from your pay pal account. And insert the code in the appropriate place of your sales latter.

Please see this video how to extract code from your pay pal account.

Another way to sell your product is to list it in the affiliate marketplace like Warrior Plus. There are some advantages of listing in this kind of marketplace.

You are allowing other members of the platform to sell your product. Of course, you have to offer a handsome commission (50%-75%) to them. Listing quality products and setting good affiliate commissions for them. These two always encourage the affiliates to promote your product. Affiliates increase product sale by many folds.

But the main advantage is you can collect your buyer’s email addresses and build a buyer’s email list. This is the disadvantage of selling your product using pay pal buy button. Pay pal doesn’t capture and manage the buyer’s email database for you. I sell my products using warrior plus for this reason. I allow 100% commission to my affiliates leaving me no money! But the email list I build gives me 20 times more than what I could gain from product selling itself.

There are a few other advantages of listing in Warrior Plus. You have to do nothing except filling out your listing form. You and your affiliates will get shares of a sale according to your specification.

You need an account at, which is free. Complete your profile information, including payment profile.

Watch a video how you have to list your product in warrior plus.

More Tips On Sales Page

If your plr package comes with a sales page, you can use its text in your new sales letter. It would be enough for selling at $1-3. But if you want to sell your product at a higher price ($3-17), you need a more elaborate and convincing sales letter. There are people who are the expert copywriter. And they will charge no less than $200 for a 2000-word-sales-letter.

But you can go ahead and try to write your own sales letter. Go ahead and study some sales letter in your niche at Warrior Plus. Click on the product listed here and it will take you to affiliate page with a sales page link.

It will save you huge money if you master the sales-letter-writing-technique. I wrote 60% of the sales letters of my products. I learned the skill from a handy resource.

Tips On Download (ThankYou page)

You dl page should contain a picture of your product, hyperlinked with your download url. Also provide a text link mentioning, “Click here to download your “purchase”. These two are essential.

But your purchaser will be visiting your download page anyway! So why not take advantage of it? After you place the download link of your product, place another offer below that. The chances of success will be great if your offer relates to your product. Say your product is, “How To Build Responsive List.” You can find an affiliate offer like, “Done For You List Building Funnel”, or something similar. You can have a PLR pack on this right here:

So you listed your product at warrior plus. It is ready to make you a fortune. But don’t wait until you have made your first sale! Create another product and list it. It is more important to establish yourself as the product creator on your niche. More than making money from the sale.

Okay. I have given only one plr pack, but I hope you understand already that you need many more. Where do I get all those plr packs on demand?

I have a membership at a plr mine called Resell Rights Weekly! You can go ahead and make an account there. Both Free and Paid membership available!

Watch the picture below of my warrior plus accounts.


Check all the Free products I have listed (made with plr products) and check all the sales each made! I listed as a Free product because I want more downloads than making money here. Warrior Plus let me list a free product with $0.00. Because I have listed more than 20 paid products that earned me and them good money.

If this is your first listing, you will not have the option of free-product listing. But it is okay. List your product at $1-3.

$1 products sell well! Later, you will get your chances to list free-products.