Transforming PLR Packages- Part 2

Okay, this is the “Transforming PLR Packages- Part2″. We have created our e-book in part one. We can call it our own. We can put our name on it. But it will not look complete and professional if we don’t make an image of it. Let’s check, how was the images of the original plr e-book, “Responsive List Building Secrets.” Head over to the “Graphics” folder. These were the images (below) of our PLR package!

Transforming PLR Packages- Part2

Designing an image is a complete and separate skill. Having or learning that skill is not essential for your Internet marketing journey. You can always skip it and pay someone (only $5.50) at to design a book cover for you.

But creating images is fun. Most people enjoy it, that includes me! We need images all the time on our IM journey. If you know how to create or edit an image, it will save you a lot of money.

We have to create images like above for our e-book. We have to design our cover from scratch. We need two tools to do it. We need the first tool to design the flat e-cover, and the 2nd tool to make the 3D cover image out of that flat e-cover.

The best tool for design, of course, is Photo Shop. Those who know how to operate the program can design their covers. I use a much easier free tool called, You can download a copy free from here:
You can get video walk-through tutorials here:


Go through the tutorials and practice on few images. It should not take more than 3 days to master the operation. But these 3 days will save many dollars in the coming days!

Let’s get to the point, how I create my e-book cover? Here is how I do it. Our color theme is deep green that we have selected earlier. Now I use to head over to Google Images and type “Deep-green background.” Some background images came up, but I didn’t like them for my e-cover. So I searched “Deep green background digital.” Most of the images here are water-marked, but I managed to choose one without.

I loaded the background in my free software. I made the below images in 5 minutes!


Transforming PLR Packages-Part2

Now We have to turn this flat image into the 3d book cover. For this, I use a paid software called e-cover authority by Chad Eljisr. But there are free resources as well. Search “Free online e-cover creator” in search engines and you will get plenty of resources.

There are advantages of paid e-cover creators. You can design your e-cover within the software with the templates they provide. But generally, I don’t use any templates and create my images myself like above.

Free or paid, principles of creating a 3D e-cover are the same. Load your design into the software and the software will take care of converting it to the 3d image. I have designed the image below with “”. Then I loaded into e-cover authority software, and the software provided the 3D image.

Transforming PLR Packages- Part2.2

After we got our 3D book cover image, resize it so that it fits in our “ How To Build Responsive List” document. Now copy the image and paste at the first page in the document.

Our e-book is almost done. Work on the “Table of Contents” and assign right page numbers to the headlines.
Part 2 of this tutorial is ending with this. Next, we will show you how to make web pages; that is, sales page and thank you page for our product. It will be in The “Transforming PLR Packages- Part 3,”

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