Transforming PLR Packages- Part 3

Okay. We have a new e-book (at part-2). We imprinted our name on it as the author. We attached a brand-new 3d book-cover image with all the bells & whistles needed.

Now it’s time to extract profit out of it. We need to place our new e-book in front of as many (Internet browser’s) eyeballs as possible to make a profit from it. We need few web pages, particularly for this reason. We need to upload our e-book to a server as well. So that our clients could download our e-book.

First, go ahead and upload your e-book to your website. If your website is:,
then your download link will be:

[If you don’t know how to upload a file to your web hosting,, please follow this video tutorial.

I use to upload all my files to Amazon S3 server. If you want to use that route, you have to make an account there.

What kind of web page we will need depends on what’s our goal here.

We need to design a sales-page and a download page if we want to sell the e-book in the marketplaces. We would place a 3-D picture of the book on the sales page and write some benefits of our book.

The goal of a sales page is, to let the customers know the benefit of our product! It may be a long sales letter or a brief one, that depends on you! Every time I worked with a PLR, I used sales page with least amount of text- let them know what it is, that’s enough!

At the download page, we would place our e-book 3D picture with some text thanking them and the download link.

Maybe you want to collect subscribers to build an email list by giving away your e-book for free. you’ll need a web page called opt-in page or squeeze page in that case.

You need to announce that this book is available to download free of cost. But they need to subscribe to download. There should be a place to insert the email addresses. And that the email address will be in your database as soon as they insert it.

You need to subscribe any autoresponder company to manage your subscriber database. Your autoresponder company also supply you the email capture form code.

I hope you know how auto-responders work. If you don’t, head over to the video to have some basic idea.

Now, get to the point. That is designing a web page. This needs HTML coding knowledge, which is another advanced skill. I learned some basic HTML from free online resources in my initial days. I cannot design a complete web page with that little knowledge. But I can customize an existing web page template. Later, I used web page designing software like Dream Weaver.

But later I understood it’s waste of time and energy. Completely needless! Because there are many tools to ease this job.

Now I can design a stunning web page in minutes with few clicks! That gives me great advantages! Free Word Press plugins gave me that power. I can design stunning looking and functional web pages with a few clicks.

I will be very frank and honest with you. You do not have to learn HTML or any other programing language to create your web pages. It’s not worth it. Use word press and some page creating plugging.

I use three such plugins. I use “EpicSqueeze” to create my opt-in pages. It comes with complete video tutorials.



Now Epic Squeeze Plugin is a paid plugin. If you don’t want to invest money at present, there are free alternatives too:

You will get 10 free plugins that you can work with.

I use two plugins to create my sales pages and download pages, depending on the situation. I use  Funnel Kit plugin when I need a simple web page. I use Instabuilder plugin when I need to design more elaborate and complex design pages. I purchased both the plugins. They work fantastic. I recommend both of them. I recommend because I am using both, and I am happy using both.

Well, are there other paid plugin that worth? Plenty! I used “Optimize Press 2.0” and it worked well to some extent. Now Optimize Press 3.0 is available and appreciated by many. So is “Lead Pages,” “Thrive Theme,” “Landing Page Monkey”, “ClickFunnels” and many more…but I haven’t used these. So recommending these will not be ethical for me!


Like I said before, you will get some extra features with a paid plugin. But if do not want to invest right now, there are plenty of free alternatives! You can get 11 different free page maker plugin in this link: 11 different free page maker plugin in this link:

The plugins generally come with video tutorials. You can find additional tutorials at YouTube if needed.

What to write in sales and download pages? Okay here are few simple sales page and download page I use (created with Funnel Kit):

Sales Page
Download page

So it’s time to get to the work creating your pages. Install word press on your site, pick a plugin, paid or free. Go through the tutorials. Make a sales page and a download page for your new e-book.

Now check your PLR folder and find a folder named “Website”. You will get 3 web files named index.html, confirm.html, and thankyou.html. index.html is your sales page and thankyou.html is your download page. Confirm.html is not required unless you want a double opt-in.

Check these web-pages but don’t use these unless you know HTML and can change the design color etc.
But you can use the text of the pages to your new sales and download page.

That’s all from this tutorial. Thanks for being with me! But there will be one more tutorial tomorrow. I’ll show how you how you can upload your e-book at the Warrior Plus affiliate platform. And sell it from there fixing a price.


So see you tomorrow with an additional tutorial.


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