Transforming PLR Packages- Part 4

Okay, this is the final part of Transforming plr packages. You can find links to the other part at the bottom if you need.

Now, let’s begin. Here’s our current status:

Our E-book: Ready
Sales Page: Ready
Download (Thank you) page: Ready

It’s time to plaque fruits of your efforts. If you want to sell it from your website, you have to fix a price the price between $1- $9. You need to insert a “Buy” button in the product image on your sales page.

You can create a payment button code from your pay pal account. And insert the code in the appropriate place of your sales latter.

Please see this video how to extract code from your pay pal account. 

Another way to sell your product is to list it in the affiliate marketplace like Warrior Plus. There are some advantages of listing in this kind of marketplace.

You are allowing other members of the platform to sell your product. Of course, you have to offer a handsome commission (50%-75%) to them. Listing quality products and setting good affiliate commissions for them. These two always encourage the affiliates to promote your product. Affiliates increase product sale by many folds.

But the main advantage is you can collect your buyer’s email addresses and build a buyer’s email list. This is the disadvantage of selling your product using pay pal buy button. Pay pal doesn’t capture and manage the buyer’s email database for you. I sell my products using warrior plus for this reason. I allow 100% commission to my affiliates leaving me no money! But the email list I build gives me 20 times more than what I could gain from product selling itself.

There are a few other advantages of listing in Warrior Plus. You have to do nothing except filling out your listing form. You and your affiliates will get shares of a sale according to your specification.

You need an account at, which is free. Complete your profile information, including payment profile.

Watch a video how you have to list your product in warrior plus.

More Tips On Sales Page

If your plr package comes with a sales page, you can use its text in your new sales letter. It would be enough for selling at $1-3. But if you want to sell your product at a higher price ($3-17), you need a more elaborate and convincing sales letter. There are people who are the expert copywriter. And they will charge no less than $200 for a 2000-word-sales-letter.

But you can go ahead and try to write your own sales letter. Go ahead and study some sales letter in your niche at Warrior Plus. Click on the product listed here and it will take you to affiliate page with a sales page link.

It will save you huge money if you master the sales-letter-writing-technique. I wrote 60% of the sales letters of my products. I learned the skill from a handy resource.

Tips On Download (ThankYou page)

You dl page should contain a picture of your product, hyperlinked with your download url. Also provide a text link mentioning, “Click here to download your “purchase”. These two are essential.

But your purchaser will be visiting your download page anyway! So why not take advantage of it? After you place the download link of your product, place another offer below that. The chances of success will be great if your offer relates to your product. Say your product is, “How To Build Responsive List.” You can find an affiliate offer like, “Done For You List Building Funnel”, or something similar. You can have a PLR pack on this right here:

So you listed your product at warrior plus. It is ready to make you a fortune. But don’t wait until you have made your first sale! Create another product and list it. It is more important to establish yourself as the product creator on your niche. More than making money from the sale.

Okay. I have given only one plr pack, but I hope you understand already that you need many more. Where do I get all those plr packs on demand?

I have a membership at a plr mine called Resell Rights Weekly! You can go ahead and make an account there. Both Free and Paid membership available!

Watch the picture below of my warrior plus accounts.


Check all the Free products I have listed (made with plr products) and check all the sales each made! I listed as a Free product because I want more downloads than making money here. Warrior Plus let me list a free product with $0.00. Because I have listed more than 20 paid products that earned me and them good money.

If this is your first listing, you will not have the option of free-product listing. But it is okay. List your product at $1-3.

$1 products sell well! Later, you will get your chances to list free-products.

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