Two Free Traffic Methods That Generate Traffic Every Time

I’m going to show you two free methods that I’ve had great success with and a  that return an instant profit and pay for themselves right out of the gate.

The First FREE Traffic MethodTwitter-traffic-the-best

The first free method I want to talk about is using Twitter. Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. This is not another lame get followers and spam the crap out of the method.

In fact, what I’m about to show you has nothing to do with getting even a single follower, but you’ll pick up followers in bunches completely organically, naturally and it doesn’t require you to spend a dime on advertising.

You can even use a brand new account to do this. It requires very little time on your part and you can even outsource it as it’s so simple a 10 year could easily do it.
So, with that said, let’s begin…

As I’m sure you’re aware the audience for Twitter is huge and can be very specific. This is exactly the type of motivated and targeted leads we’re looking for. Now we just need a way to get them to look at our opt in page.

First, use any Twitter account you want. I would recommend you set up a Twitter account with the idea of only using that one for the niche you are promoting. You
can use your own name or a persona, if you want to keep your various niches separate.Next take a look at the trending hashtags for the day. Look for trending hashtags that are somewhat related to your niche, or are general enough that you could talk about your niche within the general concept of the trend.

A hashtag like #GreatGiftIdeas, allows you to tweet about your product for just about any niche. Keep in mind that people that are going to follow through and click are people that are interested in your lead magnet.

As an example, take a look at these trending hashtags. I’m sure you can create a tweet that incorporates one of these…

You could write something like:
#HappyNewYear Pay off those holiday bills fast.
And you can just take a few minutes a few times each day and look for trends and tweet about them by including the hashtag.

Can you see how much reach you have? Your tweet appears right in that trending feed, in this case over 21,000 followers. Many of the trending tweets have millions of tweets in their feed. They don’t need to be following you, but many will if they are interested in what you are offering.

Simply tweet 2 or 3 of these a few times a day and you’ll get flooded with traffic to your opt in page and the best part it’s all FREE.

The Second FREE Traffic Method

Youtube-traffic-the-bestThe next method is all about YouTube, but we’re not going to set things up the normal way, because there’s some things you need to know about that no one is talking about.

For instance, did you know that YouTube video searches only account for about 13% of the total views on YouTube?

That’s right, and the other 87% of views come from a place you’d never imagine. They come from suggested sidebar videos.

This is what we are going to gear our video efforts to. I’m sure you’ve never seen or heard of this approach. I learned it from a true YouTube master who brings over 1 million views to his videos every month! Believe me this is a real mega traffic generator all by itself.

Explaining how to make videos and upload them to YouTube is really outside of the scope of this content and there are several videos you can search for right on YouTube that cover all of that very well. And you’ll see even more in the sidebar suggested videos…

The main difference from simply creating review videos and posting to YouTube and then ranking them in Google, is that because only around 13% of your traffic comes from Google and YouTube line searches combined, you have to tap into that suggested search traffic on the sidebar alongside other ranking videos.

The way you do that is to create a professional looking channel, verify your web address and place all of your videos about a single niche within that channel.

Once you’ve done that, just to make sure your video will appear alongside those high ranking videos, you’ll need to find out what keywords and tags those videos are using and use them in your file name of your video, the title of your video and pepper your description with them. You should also add them to the tags section of your video.

You can find the tags/keywords of those popular videos simply by right clicking anywhere on the video page, other than the video itself and selecting “View Page Source”. Don’t be too concerned about all this code as the next step is very easy.

Just Press the browser find, (on Firefox it’s Ctrl F) and that will open up a “find in page” box. Then type “keywords”. That will highlight the next occurrence of that phrase and there you will find the list of keywords that you can put in your own tags section of your video to make sure you are seen in the suggested videos when any of those high ranking videos come up.

So let me give you the points that you should make sure you’re following to get the maximum traffic views from YouTube.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to create a channel for your videos. It’s the place where you’ll keep all of your videos, in a given niche. Make sure that your channel only contains videos about a single niche and that it looks professional and inviting. Follow the tips that are in video 05 of the video course included in bonuses section of this course.

Next, your file name for your (mp4) video should be the same as the product you’re selling or the main keyword you’re trying to rank for. Example, House_Train_Your_Puppy.mp4

Search for your keywords in the YouTube search and look at the titles of the highest ranking videos. Make sure your title contains these keywords in your video title. You can use those keywords that you found in the find keywords section we talked about above.

Make sure to enter those tags of the high ranking videos into your own tags section when uploading your videos.

Another thing is to make sure you don’t let YouTube pick the thumbnail for your video. I advise you create or choose more attractive and branded thumbnail for all of your videos to increase engagement.

Make sure to embed your videos on your website with articles or blog posts on it. This really helps. Also you can upload those videos to Facebook.

That should do it. By just setting up your YouTube channel and creating an authority channel in YouTube and Google’s eyes, you can drive unlimited traffic to where ever you want indefinitely.

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