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First, Get Their ATTENTION!

When you land on sites like Forbes, via one of their social media links, you are taken to “Bumper” page that holds you there for 12-15 seconds.

This is GENIUS and here’s why…..

They now have your captivated full attention and can show us ANY thing they want during those 12-15 seconds on that “bumper” page.

Of course, you can skip after the Timer runs out, however there is a good chance you looked at their ad, content or whatever it was, and clicked on it if it resonated with you. If not, you are taken to the page you wanted anyways.

Now, imagine all of the new leads,the crazy free traffic and amazing sales driven from here, all on AUTOPILOT!


Web Based Application That Let’s Your Customers Find Viral content

Create A Promotion Around That Content And Share The Viral Promotion To Social Media…

Find Viral Content From YouTube, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Telegraph & Little Things…

One-Click Sharing Your Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn & Pinterest….

Recurring syndications – Publish a Campaign every day, week or month

Retargeting – Add tracking codes to retarget visitors easily

Exit Control Traffic – Capture Visitor While Try to Leave Your Offer page

Show Viral Sharing Buttons on Your Offer Page. Visitor can share your offer on the major social media platforms. More exposure for your offer!

If your “free traffic” strategies aren’t doing it for you, We Feel Your Pain.
Maybe you have bought software out there that promised the World of amazing free traffic, but all it delivered was fading regrets. Or you are doing it all manually……

It can’t be this hard, you may have told yourself for a while now. Maybe you are looking for new sources of traffic, after other ones have dried up?

We talked to our customers, subscribers, other marketers and found out that for some, getting traffic traffic and new fresh leads daily is a struggle.

Don’t we all just want to sitting back each day, checking in on our daily profits from an hour of “work”, while doing what we really want to do?

Software Based On Real Case Studies And Real Proof…





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