What is Affiliate Marketing

Every Internet marketer out there started their online income with affiliate marketing. There are few reasons for that. The most important reason is you can start affiliate marketing almost immediately. You need only your computer and the internet.

You can start affiliate marketing with zero monitory investment if you like. Or you can add some paid tools to your affiliate marketing to get the results faster and with less work. Zero monitory investment doesn’t mean that you do not have to invest anything. You have to spend your time and effort to generate expected results.

But some monitory investment reduces your investment of time and effort. It makes you reach your goal faster. So the choice is yours.

What is Affiliate Marketing

First, let me make you understand what an affiliate marketing is. We are not going to bring definition statement from Wikipedia or some places like that. We are going to put it with the example. Let’s say; you want to sell a product online to make money.

But, you do not own any product that you can sell. That won’t stop you from selling online. There are hundreds of product-owners. They are looking for other people to sell their products on behalf of them.

They offer a handsome commission for selling their products online. Now, the product owner is a vendor in the Internet marketing. If you sign a contract of any sort with any vendor to sell a specific product in exchange for a percentage. You became an affiliate of the product vendor. You have to market the product on the internet to the sell it and make a commission out of it. Whatever steps you take to sell the product is the affiliate marketing.

Affiliate product could be anything! Physical products like groceries, clothing, furniture, medicine, you name it! You can do affiliate marketing on services. Insurance, banking, booking, there are a lot. Some affiliate products need physical delivery. The purchaser could download in some cases. I You do not have to take responsibility for the inventory or distribution. It’s always vendor’s responsibility to deliver the product to the purchaser.

The vendor is also responsible for tracking your sales. They determine your sales and send your commission to your account. As soon you sign up a kind of contract with the vendor, the vendor will provide a unique link for you. And your job will be to drive traffic to that link as much as you can, as many ways as you can.

So, you can say the process of driving traffic to your affiliate link for generating sales is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you have to place your link as many places and as many time as possible for you. More you put your link means the possibility of more people seeing it and more people clicking it. We always watch the advertising billboards, banners and festoons in the physical world. On the internet, a web page is your real estate to place your affiliate link. You can put your link as a text link or banner image link.

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