What Is AffilixPro?

AffiliXPro is simply a Never-before-seen, ALL-IN-ONE software for automated commissions, list building, and free viral traffic.

This 2-minute demo video shows how AffiliXPro makes You Commissions and builds your list with FREE viral traffic.


But I don’t recommend AffiliXPro though the software does what it claims in the demo video, UNLESS…

Look I admit it is excellent software. It picks up lucrative affiliate offers for you. It builds review pages for the product (with your affiliate link embedded) in a few mouse click. And then it shares your page to 30 social sites with a click of your mouse. You can these from the dashboard of AffiliXPro.

But my previous experience tells me that merely auto-posting at the social sites does not generate as much visitors as they are claiming. Each social sites has different algorithms to show your content to their visitors.

So, YES, you can share your content to 30 sites! But NO, they will not generate as much traffic as you are expecting.
You need to add one more TASK with AffiliXPro. You need to master the sharing techniques of social sites. At least the bigger one.

So, I took all most a full day to find some additional resources, that you will need to make AffiliXPro campaigns a triple success!

Check below for my bonuses! They are waiting at the download area of AffiliXPro for you!

My Bonuses

1 LikeShareFollow

2 MasterSlideshare

3 ModernInstagramMrktng

4 RapidInstgrmTrffc

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7 GooglePlusShareLock





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