What’s In My Bundle Of Premium Training Courses?

Recently I took some of my premium Internet marketing training courses, made a package and let the package out in the market at a much lower price.

Some of my previous customers started complaining. Some of them bought each of courses at a much higher price! Naturally, they think it not fair!

So, I checked with my Internet marketing friends and partners. Asking for a few of their courses I could give away as bonuses. A few of them responded. I added the bonuses to my package.

Some of my new customers were asking what the courses all about? What will they get? What will they learn?

So I’m making a brief introduction here of my package and all the courses in it.


DEAL OF THE DAY Awarded Course
Regular Price:$9.95

Inside you’ll learn:
How to get autopilot traffic using my 9 untapped sources
How to hit the jackpot by using my secret traffic recipe.
My secret sources for getting others to drive traffic for YOU for free.
Drive traffic wherever you want…squeeze pages, offers, or websites.


Regular Price:$17.00

Inside You’ll learn:
Real life case study of all the 9 methods of Free Traffic Jackpots
Each method is shown practically, in detail and with a lot of screenshots.
Done in easy steps to implement the processes as easy as possible.



CheatSheet Cash Blueprint
Regular Price:$9.95

What Is It:
CheatSheet Cash Blueprint is all-in-one, case study based training course showing how you can make affiliate commissions and build your list at the same time.
It is a step by step training with homework so that you can start making affiliate commissions right away.


Done-for-you CheetSheets (OTO)
Regular Price:$17.00

Inside You’ll get:
20 Done-for-you CheetSheets, with cover images and all. The are made following the principles of CheatSheet Cash Blueprint course.
All you need to insert your name and affiliate link on them. And you are ready to make commissions.



Regular Price:$9.95

Inside you’ll learn:
Step-By-Step Success Guide takes you by the hand and shows you EXACTLY how this simple method works
Done for you recurring income funnel
How to scale your income past $200 per day… $300 per day…
How to get started and get things setup TODAY, even if you’re a total newbie


Regular Price:$27.00

Inside You’ll get:
PLR rights to 5 reports written by me, both in the pdf & text format, on Internet marketing subjects, linked with the emails. Plus 49 pre-written emails to send to your list. Just put your name on these report and give away to your list to increase engagement and authority trust.



Regular Price:$9.95

Inside You’ll Get
Internet Marketing JumpStart is a systemized, List Building funnel that will give you the power to convert those cold traffic visitors into a crowd of people who are hungry to buy what you have to offer.




Regular Price:$27.00

Inside You’ll get:
The Premium WordPress Theme that goes with the Internet Marketing Jumpstart
In order to make certain that everything runs smoothly with all that you’ve got in Internet Marketing Jumpstart, you will need to have this included and you can get this.




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