What’s Typical Of All The List Building Courses?

I started my list building back in 2009. I went through several courses to master the techniques. I wanted to jump start my List building efforts. The courses were from very successful Internet marketers. Some of the courses were video courses, and some were reports. Every angle of list building methods and strategies discussed in those courses.

But, I noticed one common thing in all the courses. They dedicated almost half of the course materials to a motivational purpose. They tried to motivate the readers on list building. Rather than teaching the readers different list building methods.

I noticed that the first five video were motivational in a 12-part-List-building-video tutorial, They utilized all their experience to motivate the readers on list-building. All their enthusiasm, and all their wits they applied for the one purpose.

Some of the proven list building methods are sales funnels, JV giveaways, Solo ads and product launches. But no methods will build us an email list of subscribers unless we go for it. Unless we take actions, and unless we stick to our actions. How are we going to stick to our actions? We have to focus enough; we have to have proper motivation to stick to the list building process.

So, what could motivate us the most? Well, they knew it all right! Money, what else! It is the most powerful motivator of all time. It is true for almost everybody. That’s what they were trying to do! They were trying to convince us that there is money in the list. And if we can build one, we could earn money from it.

In most List building courses, I noticed an almost identical introduction. First, the writer or the coach introduces himself or herself. Then they share his or her life’s story. The story of the time when they had n’t started list building and making money. They mention their financial and general condition and their social standings with examples.

Why? Why did they bother to share their lives with us? Because they wanted to show us that they were at the same position as we are now. They want to assure us that they are not super-humans. They are a somewhat ordinary person like us; who made mistakes, felt frustrated, and felt lost. Still, being an average human being like us, they could build a list and make money. Why would it be different in our case? They did it from scratch, and we can get too!

Next, they discuss how they started their List building. They share their initial successes and failures. They reveal how their first successes further motivated them. The share their enthusiasm to overcome their failures.

Why? Because we will be experiencing the same successes and failures if we are going to build our list. They discussed the exact events that are going to take place in the case of our list building efforts.

Next, they show us some proof of their earnings from their subscriber’s mailing list. Also, they share examples of their students. The students who are successful list builders by now, and are making money from it. This is an exciting and motivational move. This is when most of us decide that we are going to go for it.

So, as you can see, we can build a money-making list of our own if we try. But there are conditions. They have indicated those conditions in his or her life stories.

The purpose of sharing their life stories was an attempt to pointing the conditions related list building. Their point is “ we cannot be successful building a list unless we fulfill these conditions .” So let’s see, what the conditions are that we can summarize from these life stories:

Condition 1: We have to believe that a list of subscribers will make us an income stream.
Condition 2: We have to believe that, like Tom, Dick, and Harry, we too can build a list.
Condition 3: We have to take list building as any other business where many obstacles may arise. We have to determined enough to overcome them.

Fulfill these conditions, and we can build a list of 100 subscribers in a flash. Stick with the process, and our list will reach 5,000 subscribers in no time!

So are we ready to start our list building? Are we ready with these three conditions? If yes, let’s move forward to our success.

Note: Many terms may seem unfamiliar to us if we are starting out our Internet marketing journey. We may not understand many words while going through these courses. Don’t bother and go on! We are going to grasp every word by moving on. Don’t let a small obstacle stop our journey to success. We can always Google any term to know what it means!

So, what are we going to get from here?

We are going to show you some simple list building techniques. Some easy-to-do methods that about anyone can do. They are easy but DEADLY effective.

We are going to show you how you can build a list in 90 days that will earn you at least $3,000 per month. That means, you follow this and put into practice. You will be able to build a list that will give you at least $3,000 per month. Also, your earnings will grow from there with the numbers of your subscribers.

I know; you are thinking: “would it be possible for me to earn $3,000 per month after 90 days?” Yes, it would be possible. Get the list built, and the money will roll in. It is that straightforward. It is simple math! I am going to show you right now how simple it is.

Let’s say that our target after 90 days is to earn $3,000 in one month — so we have to make $100 per day.

Let’s say that we have a product that gives us a $25 commission per sale. Yes, yes; I know we don’t have any product right now. But let’s assume that we have because we are going to show how we can have one. Now, we have to make four sales a day to earn $100 per day as commissions from our product.

Say, the conversion rate of our product is 1%, (that means our product makes one sale in 100 clicks). Our offer will need 400 clicks per day to make four deals. Now, if only 10% of the total subscribers of our list click to our offer, we have to have a list of 4,000 subscribers. So, you see, we have to build a list of 4,000 subscribers to make $100 per day or $3,000 per month. Is it possible in 90 days?

Okay, to build a list of 4,000 subscribers in 90 days, we need 45 new subscribers per day. At a 30% opt-in rate, we will need 150 targeted visitors per day to get 45 new opt-ins per day! Simple! Does it seem impossible to us now? No way!

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