What’s Your Internet Marketing Cost Per Month?

Mine was $169.95 per month during the 2017-18.

Hi there! My name is Khondoker, and I’m on Internet marketing for ten years!

With My Daughters

Basically, I’m an info product creator. I launch my products via WarriorPlus network, and you can see all of my products Here (https://warriorplus.com/member/Khondoker). You are free to download some of my tutorials for free there!

I joined network marketing companies, three times in total in my marketing career. I became an affiliate in 2010 for a company called “Market Health,” a leading medical supplement company. I failed miserably with no income whatsoever. I failed because I didn’t know how to promote. I had NO TOOLS and NO MEANS to make and to carry out promotional campaigns at that time.

Six years later, I joined a company named Yoonla CPA. This time I succeeded to generate income from it. I had my marketing assets, and proper marketing tools by then. But unfortunately, my account was flagged for a minor disputed promotional action. I was denied all of my commissions that I earned. So I closed that chapter.

I joined in my third network company in early 2018 all by accident. Well, my internet marketing monthly expense was rising! I was seriously thinking of discontinue some of the subscriptions. But I was confused.  That decision might affect my affiliate earning!

During the 2016-17 my monthly expenses for various Internet Marketing tools was $169.95 in total as follows!

➡️ Hosting a $16.95/per month
➡️ Aweber $29/per month (up to 2500 emails)
➡️ Clickfunnels Page Builder $97/per month
➡️ ClickMagick Link Tracker $17/per month
➡️ FB Messenger Chatbot list a $10/per month

You should be aware that the other tools and plugins I purchased with ONE-TIME payments are not included in the amount mentioned.

Good news is I found a way to reduce my monthly expenses from $169.95 per month to only $50 per month, right from January 2019.😂

Not only that. The platform gave me the opportunity to make 100% of the 1st sale and 30% of the tier-2 sale! It was almost an opportunity fallen from the sky!

I made 11 sales in the first month and also using all the tools of the platform, like hosting, autoresponder, link tracking, chatbot, etc. All the tools are of current marketing standard.

Joining the platforms two-tier affiliate program is not mandatory! You can pay $49.95 per month to use the resources, but why leave money in the table?

Only ONE SALE per month would cover your expense of using market-leading tools bundle!

Even the platform has a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL, and you do not have to give away your credit card info to get the 7-day trial.

I highly recommend you join in the 7-Day Trial, see around the member area, see what’s in it. So click the trial button below!

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