Why I review Affiliate Products For NewB

One of my subscribers, named, say Mr.X complained the other day, why I always do product reviews and send him the affiliate product offer link.

I was certain that he missed all of my earlier mails. As soon as somebody subscribers to my newsletter, I send some emails to them.

I teach some basic Internet-marketing skills on those initial emails. And, also, acknowledge them that I’m going to send them affiliate-product offers in the coming days.

So, you buy I make money. But hey! I use to make money this way!

However, I don’t forget to convey this vital message to my subscribers, “You don’t have to buy everything that goes through your eyeballs! Buy what your business really needs!”

Understanding your need is the key. Restraining from a shiny object is the key. You are going to end up buying a lot of products that you don’t need if you don’t.

Now, why I always review affiliate products. One thing is, a lot of product vendors give me access to their products in advance so that I can discuss and say something to their customers.

However, I also buy some products just to review it. Not every vendor on earth offers me review access. And I always find some products worth buying. They are helpful for my business, or they

I review products, and I buy products. Not every product I buy makes me money. But they keep me updated on the latest/current internet marketing scenario.

I advised Mr. X to look at the scenario in the marketers perspective. I have ten years of experience behind me; I know which product does what by just going through them. And I share my experience with you. I expect you to check everything I send to you.

But I don’t expect YOU to BUY everything I send. No, sir! Double-check if you really need it. No point buying a WordPress plugin that increases traffic if your site is on Drupal!

Lastly, I really do not want to make affiliate commissions out of your ignorance! Never! So, Look before you leap.

I’m always open to additional advice on buying a certain product. You can reach me on Facebook or send an email at <support@imdeals.org>




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