Why is Selling Recurring Income Products The Best Methods of Making Money Online


“Selling recurring income products is the best methods of making money online by far for affiliate marketers”. Period. I’ll prove it. I’ll show you why it is.

Maybe you are doing affiliate marketing. You sell affiliate products online. You make various campaigns for each affiliate-products you promote. You need to put your efforts and your investments in each of your campaigns.

Of course, you get the return of your hard-work if your campaigns generate sales. You get paid your desired commissions, ahhhh!



But you should re-think the way you select affiliate products to promote. Most of the affiliate marketers choose affiliate-products that pay only one-time-commission. If you are doing as them, you are not leveraging your hard-work the right way.

I mean, why choose one-time-commission affiliate products in the first place? There are plenty of products that pay you recurring commissions! There are plenty of recurring payment affiliate-products out there in the net! Why not promote them instead of one-time-commission products!

You need to put the same efforts to sell recurring income products, not more! You can use the same techniques to make your campaigns! And what you will get? Monthly commissions for each sale you make. So think about it!

You may ask where to find recurring income products? There are plenty around you! All the online transcriptional products or services are the recurring income products.

The person bought a product or a service through your affiliate link need to pay a monthly (or yearly) fee. They need to pay the subscription to keep using the product or the service. And you’ll get your cut from each of the payment, as long as the person keep using it.

Subscription of hosting and auto-responder companies are recurring. Some page builder (like click funnels) services are recurring income products. There are vast numbers of software and plugins that are subscription based. There is all kind of services including the SEO services that are recurring. You get recurring commissions if you sell them as an affiliate.

The best part is, there is a constant demand for these type of subscription products and services. Online markers cannot do without some of these.

Selling recurring income products has many advantages and benefits. There are a few downsides as well. We will discuss these below.


Benefits of Selling Recurring Income Products png image


Product already ready to sell
You do not have to worry about making a product or preparing yourself to provide any services. The product or the service vendors already do it.

Done-for-you promotional materials
Sales funnel and other promotional tools are already ready by the vendor. The vendors provide you with the graphics, banners, ads. And every promotional material you might need.

The vendor does much of the hard sell
The beauty of this method is you do not need to close a sale; the vendor does all the hard work of closing the deals for you. You send targeted traffic and get paid. All you need to do is sending targeted visitors to your link.

Sell once and make money over and over again
This is the most lucrative benefit of selling recurring income products. One sell will give you commissions month after month, as long the buyer keep using his/her purchase. Say, somebody purchased a hosting service or an auto-responder service from your link. You’ll get a monthly recurring commission out of the purchase as long as the buyer decides to use the service. And you know once subscribed, nobody gives away these kinds of service easily!

Provides a stable income
A few sales of recurring-income-products will not make you rich, but it will give you a steady income. And a good number of sales will make you large permanent monthly income. It’s like having a monthly salary out of your efforts you did once!

Exponential income growth
Your recurring income may become rolling snowball if you continue your promotional efforts.
Autopilot income
This process makes you auto-pilot income once you start making sales. Your campaigns stay on the net. And you’ll make deals without any further intervention.
There are a few downsides of selling recurring income products:

You can be competing against many affiliates
Potential buyers have possibly already seen the product in the past
The vendor makes the most money

Benefits of selling recurring income products appear much more lucrative if we compare the advantages and disadvantages discussed above. So think about it. You want to sell one-time-commission products or the recurring commission-products.



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