Why Make Freebie List?

A list is a list. It is a general term. A list could contain anything. But when we mention about a list among the internet marketers, we all understand only one thing. And that is a list of subscribers. Nothing else. So whenever we mention a list in here, you need to take it as the subscriber’s list.

Now, subscriber’s list could be of many kinds. Lists get different from each other for some factors. Nature of the subscribers, how and from where they opt-in to your list, single opt-in or double opt-in. All these are factors that differentiate from each other. But reason of building a list is the same. We all build list to promote

There are two basic kinds of Internet marketing subscriber-lists we deal. They are:

1. Buyer’s list and
2. Freebie-list.

Buyer’s list initiates when someone buy one of our products. Our affiliate network automatically sends the email of our buyers to your database. These subscribers are absolute buyers and golden nuggets for us.

The person bought a product not from us but from someone else also could be in your buyer’s list. In fact, they are the subscribers of the product vendors, not ours. But if we can make arrangements with the vendor, they could be inside our database too! This happens when we contact the vendor to make arrangements. We need to make him agree on placing one of our squeeze-page-links as “Bonus” at their download page.

This buyers-list is highly profitable. Because the subscribers already proved that they buy Internet marketing products. They will not hesitate to pull their wallet again if we can place such an offer that will seem important to them. That indicates that they are pretty serious on their Internet marketing journey.

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Also, open and click-through rates of the emails we send to them is much higher. They respond to the emails we send. They respond to the offers we promote to them. They buy (again) from our affiliate links if we can promote the right offer to them. We make our commissions.
Now a Freebie-list is the list where subscribers haven’t bought any IM resources from you. Or bought any Internet marketing resources from anyone else you know.

They ended up into your database because they agreed to download a resource for free. From our squeeze pages where we offered a free resource. These subscribers are not “tested buyers.” They may, or they may not respond to a paid offer. They even might not open your next email!

Subscribers of freebie list have characteristics different from the buyer’s list. They are on our list because may be they are testing the water. Not decided yet that they will go all the way whatever it need. May be they are on our list out of momentary-curiosity. Some of them may be serious but don’t enough money to invest in their business. Some may have money to invest. But don’t have the right payment-processors to process their payment. It happens to the subscribers to some third-world countries.

So we cannot deal with our freebie list as same as our buyer’s list. Approach to the freebie should be different. We need to turn the freebie list to a buyer’s list. And our approach to them should be accordingly.

Now, the buyer’s list is far more responsive and far more profitable than a freebie list. So why try to make a freebie list in the first place?

There are few valid reasons for it. But the most important one is everybody, even a newbie can build a freebie list. But not everyone can build a buyer’s list.

We need to have our products out in the marketplaces to build the buyer’s list. We need to create Internet marketing resources, software, training courses etc every now-and-then. We need to launch them in the marketplaces. People will buy our products. And will be in our buyer’s list database.

So building buyer’s list is not possible without product creation. But all the Internet marketers do not have the ability to create a product. You need proper knowledge to create a product. You need to have enough experience to make a successful product launch. There are many factors of successful product launch. Only a small percentage of the Internet marketers have such knowledge and experience.

So building a buyer’s list is not for everyone but building a freebie list is. We don’t have to create our products to build a freebie list. We need to have a valuable Internet marketing resource to give away for free. We give away this resource from our squeeze pages and build our freebie list.

Then we set our email sequence to educate them. We try to build a relationship and trust with them. Then we try to make our buyer’s list out of them. Not everyone would become a buyer, but some would. Percentage would depend on how a good relationship we built with them.

We have heard of “Money is in the list.” It was true 20 years ago and it is still now. You want to make a serious income? Build your list, your private audience first. If you cannot make a buyer’s list right now, start building with the freebie list. We could make money if could keep adding subscribers in your list database.



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