Why Should We Believe The Method Is a Totally Newbie Friendly?

Every product vendors (and their dogs) claims that their methods are newbie friendly! Even, if the person joining the Internet market just today could make money almost instantly; within 24 hours, 30 minutes, even 10 minutes!

Just think about it, how ridiculous it is!

We hardly see a new method or course out in the market that claims differently. That, this is a course for the advanced marketers, or would not be easy for the starter marketers!

It is true that they try hard to make their courses truly newbie friendly. But I cannot say they succeed 10 out of 10.

Advanced courses claiming to be newbie friendly has their own downside. Even the courses sell at higher numbers, the refund rate also gets higher and higher. This is one of the primary reasons.

I have seen many courses that a newbie possibly couldn’t implement. Not immediately. No way! But that doesn’t mean the newbie never could implement that course. He can. But he needs to go through some learning curves. He needs to gather some experience and go through some trials & errors. These things don’t come in 10 minutes or 24 hours!

So, how a course creator can prove that his course is newbie friendly? He thinks it is easy? No, we won’t buy it.

It’s easy for the software product creators. They just create their software and hand over to the interested beta-testers. The testers share their experience and feedback with the creator. The creator updates his software accordingly. He gets a perfect idea how a newbie purchaser would interact with his software.

Creators of money making methods (without software) don’t go that further. They never thought that it is possible to beta-test his method with a complete newbie.

But the good news is non-software products creators also coming forward with the beta-testing thing. I stumbled upon such a method just yesterday!

Is says anybody could make $150+ with his methods within 48 hours. He backed up with his claim like this:
1. He hands over ‘done-for-you’ elements that are needed.
2. He shows his exact methods of generating FREE and paid traffic.
3. He handed over his system to his newbie student and the student made $160.44 within 24 hours and $307.76 in the next day. The commissions continued. There is a case study of this.
4. He backed his claim with a rock-solid 30-day money back guarantee. That means you have nothing to lose if his method fails!

So, no harm checking this course named “Fusion.”
It is a brand new, proven method that’s proven to make $160.43 with even if you’re a total newbie.


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