Why Should You Become a Seller on Fiverr?

Why on earth one should become a seller on Fiverr in the first place?

Searching to become a seller on fiverr

Advantages Becoming A Seller On Fiverr

Okay, let me ask you a question. Are you looking to make some fast cash working online? You got my answer if you do. Because being a seller on Fiverr is one of the quickest ways of earning online.

Now, Fiverr is a website that acts as a marketplace for buyers and sellers all over the world. Buyers could get a particular service with as low as $5.50!

You may think if I’m to earn so a little amount per service, how could I make my living on Fiverr? Well, you indeed need to start providing services with $5.50, but Fiverr gives you an easy opportunity to increase your earning. Even you can make $100-$300 per service as soon as you prove that you are a worthy seller.

But how to a worthy seller on Fiverr. The answer is simple. You should start selling a service that you are best at. And that’s it.

Your advantage is you can sell any service on Fiverr as long as you could deliver the outcome of your service online. For instance, if you are good at singing baby soothing lullabies, you can sell it on Fiverr.

The most straightforward process is to find out what you are good at, and then simply use the Fiverr search box to find what other people are offering. Alternately, browse the category to make a good understanding of the services of Fiverr.

So, the bottom line is you can start making money on Fiverr and go way up to make a living completing these easy steps:

  1. Create an account on Fiverr.com
  2. Learn how to navigate through the site. Check some free YouTube videos if needed.
    Select the service you want to provide
  3. Find out the top sellers on Fiverr similar to your preferred service, attentively and critically go through their gigs.
  4. Create your first gig similar to the top gigs on your category.
  5. Learn how to make your gig to show at the top and also how to get more customers. There are plenty of free resources on Google and YouTube. All you need is to spare some time and effort to learn and follow the steps.

These five steps above will ensure you make a living entirely on Fiverr.

Disadvantages of Fiverr

I don’t see any disadvantages of Fiverr accept one, Fiverr has become too competitive. Hey, the site was established in 2010, and thousands and thousands of service providers joined till then! Top sellers around the world are competing with each other to provide their services.

Don’t freak out. It is not impossible to establish yourself as a top gig seller on Fiverr if you want to.

Alternative Way Of Earning On Fiverr

I can suggest at least two alternatives here.

Alternative #1

Trading On Fiverr also called the arbitrage. The process is simple, taking service-orders at higher prices from other marketplaces and getting them done at Fiverr cheap. You do not have to work just to work as a middleman and collect the profits.

This method has the potential of making thousands of dollars. My friend Bobby Dolcee recently bought a big condo in London doing this method for a couple of months. He also launched a video training course show over the shoulder of his process.

You can learn his method here if you want to take this route.

Alternative #2

Fiverr Similar Marketplaces: There are several Fiverr alternative marketplaces, and you can find them easily on Google. You can sell your services in those marketplaces as well. Each of them has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. But they are worth checking.

Here I want to mention one particular new marketplace, competition is still ridiculously low, and earning potential is comparatively reasonable. The market is called Funnel Rolodex, and the maker of ClickFunnels page builder Russell Brunson runs the show.

My friend Eric Hammer makes $25 per order on Funnel Rolodex, which takes him 5 minutes flat to prepare and deliver the order. He is making quite a bit even it is not his primary eaning method. You can learn about his approach in a video training course by him called Unstoppable here.


I tried my best to show that the Fiverr is not dead; still, you can be a seller on Fiverr, there are opportunities to make a living out of the site. Also, I revealed a few alternatives to Fiverr.

Now, if you consider yourself as a competent service provider, make a profile on Fiverr or Funnel Rolodex site, Create your first gig and scale up from there.

But if you are a businessman, the arbitrage method would fit you the best. The choice is yours!


I'm Khondoker. I'm a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and info product creator. Living my best life in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. I find great people worldwide, and I work together to find digital marketing solutions that lead to more sales. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email at support@imdeals.org or leave a comment below!