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Like I said in the video, what I discovered was right under my nose! In fact, it was right under everybody’s nose! And still is! It’s not a big deal, either!

I discovered a truth, I came to realize I need to shift my focus to selling products rather than buying info products, one after another.

I just shifted my mindset to “stop buying and start selling mindset.” None of the info products I bought made me any money! Not to mention, I wasted hundreds of hours of my valuable time trying to make them work. My money and time spent, but the product vendor made the profit!

So, I changed my mind, decided I need to become a product vendor- whatever it takes! From then, I dedicated myself to creating info products and already created 39 front end products (including at least three upsell products attached to each) that are selling in the marketplaces.

But Believe me! It was not easy for me. It takes months to create a quality info product. And then you must make more products to add as upsells to the front end products.

Making a set of info products doesn’t mean you can start selling and make money. Unless you make sales letters, make your delivery system, make your payment processor and autoresponder ready, recruit affiliates, there are hundreds of hazards you need to overcome.

But eventually, I got there. With my changed mindset and determination, I overcame all the hurdles, and YOU can too!

That being said, I found a super short-cut to the whole process just a few days ago. Last week one of my associates, Dr. Amit Parek, sent me review access to his ground-breaking software that does all the hard work I used to do manually! It’s an A to Z to the whole info-product business. A solution You should check.

You are getting everything built-in there! Free hosting, Free domain name, over 700 high-quality products (IM training video courses) to sell as your own, professionally written sales pages and funnels, your own site, and selling system, everything. Only that, you need to integrate your autoresponder (Aweber, etc.) and payment processor (Pay pal) with it.

Well, I’m not only impressed, but I’m also tearing my hairs thinking, why didn’t I get this software ten years back!

I was testing the software for the past few days. The dashboard looks like the below image and is pretty easy to use but if you stuck anywhere, just click on “Help,” button. You’ll find training videos and pdfs and also FAQs. I found that the FAQ is the most resourceful. I made the software (image below) up and running reading the FAQs only!

Your License To Financial Freedom

I highly recommend this software. Especially if you haven’t started making money already. This is the super short-cut way to start your earning by establishing yourself in the net.

I was so impressed with the software that I prepared some exclusive bonuses to go with the software. So go ahead and check my bonuses below:




Hi, I'm Khondoker & you can know me better by going to About page above. Here, I like to describe the purpose of this blog briefly. Our blog is all about making money online. That being said, we want to point out that buying online (courses or whatever) won't make you money, selling will. So you need to know the art of selling online to make money. It does not matter what you want to sell. It may be your own product; it may be someone else's product you are affiliated with, it may be physical goods, or it may be digitally downloadable products! The bottom line is you need to master the technique of selling online and you can learn a lot of it in this blog.

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