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How To Start Making Money With The Knowledge You Already Have!

Okay, going to be very very honest here. I was actually disappointed in myself because I was a little hesitant in sharing this method. This is something I benefit from, and also something that is very lucrative if you are willing to work. This Method: Offering SEO to local businesses.

WAIT!!!! Before you click the X in the top right handed corner, hear me out. You can do this, its not hard. Actually……YOU do no work at all.


Once again, I play no favorites, but there are a few really REALLY good services on here that guarantee a page 1 google ranking for under $100.

You are going to use this to your advantage. But you have to work too. This is what separates the winners from the wannabes. This step right here.


You need to get on yelp, go through the phone book, do whatever to get the phone numbers of business owners. And if you do what I tell you, you cannot fail.

Get a turnkey website built for cheap if you want, promoting your services, or just come up with a name. Start calling businesses.

“Yes, this is Jeremy with ZY Web Solutions. Is Mr. Jones in?”

“Great!…………..Good afternoon Mr. Jones, I know your busy, won’t waste your time. My company is ZY Web Solutions and we specialize in getting page 1 google rankings for our clients. Are you familiar with how much this can impact your business?”
blah blah.

“Well you are a pesticide company and when people look for “bugman in dallas, texas” I would make sure you come up on page 1. Did you know that term is searched for XXX times a month?”

“For $299 we will GUARANTEE that or all your money back. And for $19.99 a month we maintain that for you.”

If you don’t want to cold call, just email a bunch of businesses with statistics about being ranked high on google and wait for any responses.

So there you have it. If they agree you make $299, pay $100 or so to outsource it (look for services in the WSO forum or Warrior for Hire), and make $200 for yourself. Plus you collect $20 a month WHICH IS KEY BECAUSE if they ever fall off page 1, you use that money to re-invest for them into getting a page 1 ranking again.

So after 4 months if they fall off page 1, they’ve paid you $80. You pay $100 to get it back on page 1. Sure beats dealing with a mad business owner, eh??

Now its not gonna be easy to sell these packages all the time. But I promise you, PROMISE…..if you get on the phone at 8am, and do NOT, REPEAT DO NOT, let yourself stop making calls until you get at least one sale, you will make $200 a day with this method.

Lets be conservative and say you make 30 calls an hour. At 8 hours a day, thats 240 calls. Out of those 240 you will get some “maybe, call me next week” some “get a life you jabroni” and some “yes, thats something I’m interested in.”

But if you really call 240 a day, YOU CANNOT FAIL. THIS METHOD ALONE COULD MAKE YOU $36,000 A YEAR.

Don’t wanna cold call? FINE!!! Build up some cash and outsource it! Find someone on the WF, or someone on Craigslist.

But I suggest trying it for a week. You may realize that you are making a sale by 1pm each day. Then maybe you answer some questions on Yahoo until 2pm, then maybe you outsource some e-covers and sales letters for clients until 3pm, then you go on the boat and have a beer with some buddies.

Whatever floats your boat, just work until you make some $$$ for the day and then relax.

Eventually you’ll build up a lot of clients paying $19.99 per month, plus you are getting money from new sales, plus you are running your other business areas.

“Jeremy, it seems with one of these methods ALONE I can make more than $36,000 a year. Do you think I suck?”

Nope, but that’s just my point. You CAN make more than 36k a year doing these things. There are DOZENS of other things you can do too.

However, lets keep it simple. Maybe focus on making $800 per month from your eDesign/minisite/sales letter business, maybe focus on $500 a month from the Yahoo Answers section of your business, and maybe try and make $1700 a month from your SEO business (about 8 sales a month, or 1 every 3.5 days or so).

Or maybe you charge $499 for page 1 SEO service and only focus on that.


This is simple stuff that takes a good mindset, and the dedication to WORK towards a goal.

There it is, the secrets out! I compare it to a good mystery book you read. Everything is confusing until the end when the mystery is unraveled and everything you read prior to the end finally makes sense.

If you had read the last chapter in the mystery first, then the earlier chapters would have made sense to you, right?

Well that’s what I’m doing here: I’m giving you the last chapter, and its YOUR job to write the beginning of the book that leads to your successful ending.

Yes, YOU can do this!