4 Ezy Do-able Steps To Kick Start “My Lead Gen. Secret” (MLGS) Program

What is the effective way to jump into the “My Lead Gen. secret” program and start making commissions from the beginning?

That’s precisely what I’m going to show you here. But if you want to know what MLGS is and what it does, you should read two of my other articles- 1. My Lead Gen Secret: Legit? Scam? 2. My Lead Gen. Secret Program: Unleashing the Power of Done-For-You Email Marketing, or watch income-proof videos

I joined MLGS in September 2019, and since then, I’ve been an insider of the program and the private Facebook group (5590 members) of MLGS.

So, I know what I’m sharing. I learned from my mistakes. You don’t have to repeat the mistakes. Just follow along the steps below. 

Also, note that you should complete steps sequentially. Take your time with all the steps; do not jump or skip. 

Step#1 Join the program

Join the program HERE. 

You need to pay $30 for the first month’s membership plus a $30 one-time set-up fee. So, $60 upfront. Then, $30 per month. 

You may ask, is it worth it? Absolutely! You are getting 3000-6000 leads per month. You are emailing your growing leads every day with your commission links. Most of the new joiners covered their cost within the first month!

The last thing: As soon as you pay $60, you’ll see a one-time offer of ” Master Email Swipes” at $59.95. I highly recommend you purchase that done-for-you email pack, but buying is not compulsory. 

” Master Email Swipes,” a 60-day email pack by the owner Jim Harmon. Each email is pre-loaded with YOUR affiliate links; you select one, load in the built-in autoresponder, and click send; that’s all. Your life will be easier initially, and you will pick up the art of email writing. 

Step#2 Join this “invite only” private Facebook group. 

Click on the “Guide” tab after joining and review all the training videos. It doesn’t matter whether it takes 3 hours or 30 days; you must go through all the videos at least once, even if you need help understanding them. It will ensure your success. 

Step#3 Prepare to promote your MLGS affiliate links

Copy your affiliate link at the top of your home page, paste it into a notepad, give a name, and save. You will need these very often.

Step#4 Promotion

Include the link as the signature at the bottom of your Gmail or any other mail you use. 

Send an invitation to the program to all your family members, friends, and colleagues. 

Compose a few lines and post them to all your social media accounts. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and any other social media account you have. Remember to include your affiliate link for each post. 

It is not impossible to make a few sales within a day or two after you join the “My Lead Gen. Secret” program. For more sales? Do Step# 4 twice a day for each social media account. This will guarantee you make more and more sales over time.

After you join the MLGS program, do contact me. I’ll send you my own, over a hundred pre-written emails, with the high-selling affiliate product links. Also, there will be instructions on replacing my links with yours so that YOU can make the affiliate commissions. My contacts:

Send me an email at <[email protected]> or

Send me a message:  Khondoker 

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