About Me!


I’m Khondoker. I’ve been in Internet Marketing for ten years- full-time, with no day job right from the start. The first year was challenging, but I had my goal ahead and had the drive to reach the goal. I advanced, taking one step at a time, and eventually got my primary goal: earning $100 a day.

Before reaching my primary goal through Internet marketing, I was living on writing content all day and night at iWriter. That was how I started my IM journey! But things changed within a year. I managed several local companies selling international brands (like KFC, Pizza Hut, Igloo Ice cream, Trendz, etc.) and was appointed as their fan page administrator. It was 15 minutes of work per day per page, and they were paying me more than enough and, more importantly, leaving me sufficient time to concentrate on my Internet marketing business. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and rigorously utilized it.

I must mention that I consider myself lucky because the first thing I did (the day I started my IM journey) was to create a free account at the Warrior forum. Everything I know about IM (including traffic issues), I learned from there and still learning.
By the end of 2011, some of my affiliate sites (Amazon & Click Bank) were making a steady income, and I was happy with the income growth. But then, the Google Panda and Penguin updates ruined everything. At that time, I had to go through almost a year of downtime, frustrated, desperately trying to figure out my direction.

That situation forced me to realize that I cannot let others control my traffic flow (which is the lifeblood of my business). I have to work on creating my own private traffic and private audience over whom I’ll have total control! So I focused all my attention on building my email list and many other traffic methods unrelated to any search engine. I started list building and email marketing at the end of 2013, which has given me success beyond my expectation!

To build my list, I follow the product launch technic. In 2014-15, I launched 10+ products, and each of my products sold in good numbers! They also built an authority and reputation in the marketplace. You can see all of my creation here: