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Day 10:

LoL… {!firstname_fix},

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Day 9

Sub: Now, right now is the perfect time! Because:

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Day 8

Sub: Does your job pay you and also let you watch videos?


Day 7

Sub: Hey, this is where YOU come in!

Do you know thousands of Apps
are released every day?

These app nerds desperately seek
people to write honest reviews for
their new apps. They even offer
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Currently, we have vacancies in three
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Day 6

Sub: You need to ACTIVATE your account to draw $$$

Your account will be automatically activated
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You only need to pick up which job you want,
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Day 5

Sub: Today’s Tips: Money NOW or Money Later-  your preference?


Day 4
Sub: Today’s Tips: Show you mean business!

We discussed yesterday how your Ma, fam, and buds
could turn your work-from-home venture into your
bad dreams.

Today we are going to reveal how to deal with it.
First things first, treat your work-from-home job
like a real-deal job.

Just because you’re not in an office doesn’t mean
it’s any less important.

Get yourself on a regular schedule and let your
peeps know about it.
You gotta set boundaries and make it crystal clear
that during your work hours, you’re off-limits.

No running errands, no chit-chatting on the phone.
Nada. Tell ’em straight up, “Yo, I’m working from
9 to 3, Monday to Friday, so I can’t be disturbed
during those hours.”

And here’s the crucial part: stick to it like glue!
Don’t let distractions derail your progress.

Show ’em that you mean business, and you’ll make
the most of your time, achieving those work goals
like a boss.

So go ahead and rock that work-from-home life.
Here’s to your online success, my friend!
Day 3
Sub: Today’s Tips: Your mom, bae & buds

Alright, let’s talk about your fam and buds and
how they’re gonna view your work-at-home.
Here’s a weird but true fact: your loving mom
wouldn’t dare call you up at your ‘real’ job to
ask you to chauffeur Aunt Rosie to the salon
and chill there with her. I mean, you’re working,
so no can do, right?
But, here’s the kicker: that same well-meaning
mom will ring you up when you’re working from
home and ask you to do that exact thing for her.
Why? Because you’re at home, and you must be
available, right?
Your mom’s not the only one guilty of this. Your
bae will think you’re free to run errands, and
your buds will assume you’re game for gabbing on
the phone, lunch dates, or coffee meetups.
See, the issue here is if you don’t plan out
your schedule and stick to it, nobody else will.
Unless you treat your work-at-home as a REAL
job with set work hours, you’ll get sidetracked.
You won’t finish the things you need to do, and
you’ll end up floundering and job-hunting again.
Is there any solution? Of course there is! The
perfect solution is coming tomorrow.
So look for the mail!
Day 2

Sub: Today’s Tips: Pick when you work

Hey there! Yesterday we talked about the
relationship between time and job.
Today, we’ll chat about how a regular job
has a structure that you can use for your
work-at-home job or biz.
See, when you work at an office, you must
show up at a specific time on certain days.
Well, it’s the same deal when you work from
home. You gotta set up regular working hours.
Sure, you get to pick when you work.
But you still gotta make a choice!
And then your mother & your friends start
giving you a hard time!
But more about your work-at-home and its
relationship with your mother & friends
So look for the mail!
Day 1
Sub: Today’s Tips: Nothing To Buy Inside!

Hey there
Exciting news – we’ll be hooking you up with free
daily tips and tricks for making money online!
These tips will help you learn how to make money.
So let’s begin!
Today’s Tips: Recognize the significance of the
                       TIME-JOB relationship.
Working in a day job provides two benefits:
(1) a daily routine and
(2) an indication to your loved ones that you
    are occupied during work hours. 
You will notice that both of these (1) & (2)
that a regular job provides relates to your
TIME. Think about it!
Tomorrow’s email will be more specific on
Internet-based jobs & internet-based businesses
and their impact on your TIME. So look for it. 























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