10 Aspects of Groovefunnels Legitimacy

Is GrooveFunnels legit?

Is Groovefunnels a legit affiliate program?

I often see questions like the above on social media, online forums, and QA sites like Quora. But I never stumbled with a to the point answer so far. Most of them have laid out a full review of GrooveFunnels without proving its legitimacy. So I thought I’ll lay out a pin-point answer to the questions. 

And here’s my answer. Yes, the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is 100% legit. Period.

I know and believe it is legit because I have experienced it. But why should you believe it? You may have heard of it for the first time! 

So, I’ll discuss my reasons to convince you of the Groovefunnel’s legitimacy. I’ll also discuss 10 aspects of a legitimate business. And compare the GrooveFunnels with the 10 aspects. But first, let me clarify what GrooveFunnels and GrooveFunnels affiliate program is. 

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What Is GrooveFunnels?

The Groovefunnels is the web pages, sales funnels, and websites builder site. But it is not the end of it here; it’s much more than that. The GrooveFunnels also provide a bunch of vital digital marketing apps. With the help of the apps, you can engage in all the activities required for online marketing.

The closest similar service currently on the market is Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is also an excellent page builder. But does not provide extended digital marketing functionalities as the Groovefunnels does. 

The Groovefunnels is new in the market compared to Clickfunnels. It is still in the beta-stage. Currently, there are twelve apps inside the member area. And most of them are fully-functional with their core features, but a few are in the beta-stage. And there are a few apps under the “Future Groovefunnels” in the member-area dashboard.

The most interesting is Groovefunnels membership is currently free. It’s not free for a certain time, it’s free-for-life! The free-for-life plan includes using three vital apps. Some other apps are also currently free with some limitations but not free-for-life. 

What is GrooveFunnels?

What is the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program?

The Groovefunnels digital marketing suite has a program for affiliates. The members can promote Groovefunnels and make commissions. It has a specific app called the GrooveAffiliate to manage the affiliate program. 

GrooveFunnels pays a 20% commission to a free member. And a whopping 40% to an upgraded member. Also, there are 10% tier-2 commissions for free members and 20% tier 2 for upgraded members. 

GrooveAffiliates comes with detailed analytic data on every action.

Why Groove Is a Legit Program?

Before I enrolled free at GrooveFunnels, I checked for its legitimacy. First, I read a few online reviews from other marketers. All of them claimed it to be legit. But that didn’t convince me entirely. So, I checked the company myself, and a few aspects of legitimacy caught my eye. I’m lining up the aspects so that you also can decide and come to a conclusion. 

1. The Most Vital Validation of Groovefunnels Legitimacy

The most important aspect of groovefunnels legitimacy is in its membership price plan. I think Groovefunnels is the only company offering a free-for-lifetime membership. What does it mean?

It means they are not outright after your money, and they let you use their software for free. You can upgrade to pro later after you are satisfied using the software or stay free-for-life. The decision is yours to take.

The free-for-life plan aspect says it all. Think of it- they are not offering a 14 day or 30-day trial-period like most other companies. They are offering a life-long trial period! Scam companies will never take the risk. 

2. Legal Aspects of Groovefunnels

You need to check the legal factors of a new company. You can do it by going physically to the company, or by checking its website. Check the Privacy & Cookie Policy and the Terms of Service. And also the Contact info to be satisfied with the company. 

Mind that the legal aspects may vary from country to country, even state to state. Make sure that the business meets all the legal status, including FTC rules and international trade.

3. Track Record of The Owners of Groovefunnels

Track records of any company owner is another vital aspect of the legitimacy of a new company. Satisfying on the track records mean the company is in safe hands and nothing to worry about. 

Mike Filsaim & his team, John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, Matt Serralta, created GrooveFunnels.

Mike is the CEO and co-founder. HE is an entrepreneur, digital marketing leader, marketing coach, and consultant. Also, the author of a couple of books. He has been one of the online marketing industry leaders for a long time now. He has produced several software solutions that have helped businesses gain success. Software like Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar – he’s the man behind them. His experience with Kartra evoked the vision to create the GrooveFunnels.

Mike was always the leader of the digital marketing industry. And could be found via Google, Facebook, and prominent social sites. You are not going to find anything negative in his long career. 

4. Presence of An Effective Customer Support Service

Legitimate companies start their operations only after putting together an effective customer service. It needs a lot of investments to set up such a service.

Groovefunnels has a customer service set up, and it is highly responsive to any inquiry. You can join Groovefunnels for free and check it yourself. 

5. Presence of Dynamic Forum

Like any other legitimate company, Groovefunnels has a dynamic member forum. 

Groovefunnels runs a private Facebook group for member engagement. You can join the group for free provided you agree to abide by certain rules. So, you should join the group, check what’s going on, and then decide on its legitimacy. 

6. Presence In The Search Engines 

Another proof of legitimacy can be realized from the search engine websites. Check Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, or similar sites that have search engines. Search for ‘Groovefunnels’ and check what comes up. You can easily build your opinion on the Groovefunnels legitimacy from the contents. 

7. Presence In The Social Media

I already said about the private Facebook group, but you also consider YouTube. Check if there’s an official YouTube channel; what are the videos, and how many of them are there? You should go through a few of the videos. All these small aspects add up to build trust in the company. 

8. Presence of Live Testimonials Of The Company 

Positive observations of others are a reassuring aspect of legitimacy. It would be best if you looked for the discussions on the company. You can go to the online digital marketing forums, Facebook pages, and groups. And check what others discuss on the company. Following a few discussions would help build a reputation on your mind. 

9. Presence of PPC Ads Run By The company

This is one of my hacks to determine the legitimacy of any company. I check Google and Bing search pages and Facebook news feed for advertisement. A new company trying to establish itself online would throw a lot of money on PPC ads. The volume of ads shows their financial strength. 

Also, I check if there are any ads run by other than the company. Seeing these ads is motivating. The ads confirm that somebody is sure of the company’s legitimacy. So they don’t hesitate to invest! 

10. My Personal Experience With Groovefunnels

I joined Groovefunnels as a free member in late 2019 and then I upgraded to pro after six months. What did I do in those months? I was using the apps to be sure they work, and they will bring benefit to my business. Also, I participated in the discussions of the private official Facebook group. 

As a result, all my doubts on the legitimacy evaporated. I also made two sales and got paid that covered my investment to become a pro-member. 

Final Thought- Putting An End Of All Doubts

Well, you can wipe out all your doubts about Groovefunnels legitimacy once for all! It would take only one action. And the action is to sign up for a free Groovefunnels account. Check everything inside- use the apps for real. Also, join the official private Facebook group. Participate in the discussions and ask questions. 

That’s the most practical way of knowing Groovefunnels legitimacy

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