GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal- Closing Any Day

It’s not my hunch that GrooveFunnel’s lifetime deal is closing. It’s still open but shutting down any day. The company’s CEO, Mike Filsaime, has declared it.

He has indicated any specific date so that it could be any day from now! That’s why I encourage you to take on the deal right away before you still have the opportunity.

I already took it a few months ago. I did it after hanging around in the GrooveFunnels dashboard for six months as a free member. And I’m going to tell you what the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal is all about. So that, it becomes easier for you to make an intelligent decision.

Note: GrooveFunnels is ideal for businesses that are currently “duct-taping” several e-commerce solutions. And want a streamlined alternative. If you do not know what GrooveFunnels is, please go through my other article by clicking here.

BTW, apart from the lifetime deal of the funnel building platform, there’s another deal: a free deal. So, do yourself a favor, signup for the free deal first if you haven’t done it already. Then inspect the dashboard and the suite of software. And use the apps for a few days. Once the apps satisfy you, you can take the lifetime deal from your free account dashboard.

giant size bonuses with the Groove free account sign up
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So, what we are going to cover here? We are going to cover only the topics that will help your intelligent decision-making. Like:

  • What is the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal?
  • What are the apps you get in GrooveFunnel’s lifetime deal?
  • Are there any bonuses with the lifetime upgrade?
  • Three vital benefits of GrooveFunnels lifetime platinum plan.
  • How the lifetime deal can change your online business.
  • What are the alternative payment options of the GrooveFunnels lifetime plan?
  • What Happens After The lifetime deal closes?
  • My recommendation is on the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal.

1. What Is The GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal?

You pay $1997 once and enjoy unrestricted use of all the 18 apps with all the future updates for life. That’s what the lifetime deal is. Now, don’t freak out for $1997. Carry on reading, you’ll soon realize the benefits and the enormous savings you’ll make.

2. What Are The Apps You Get In GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal?

The Apps inside Groove member are:


GroovePages (GP) is an easy-to-use drag & drop page builder app (like Kartra). The app can create the following without any knowledge of design or coding:

  • Stunning looking landing pages with GroovePages Templates
  • High-converting sales funnels
  • A fully-functional website with all the features

GroovePages app (like kartra), an exceptional marketing tool. It gives you a visual editor to design your web pages and sales funnels. You will find a lot of built-in and customizable templates.


There is no mention of integrated web hosting inside the GrooveFunnels dashboard. But we thought it is good to let you know the Groovefunnels membership comes with free web hosting. And both free and upgraded members enjoy their hosting without any extra cost. You can host your websites and funnels. That built with GroovePages, GrooveMembers, GrooveKart, or GrooveSell.

Unitednessworld-class online shopping cart, affiliate, and payment gateways management tool. You can promote your products through Groovesell. At the same time, GrooveSell takes payments and manages your affiliates. GrooveSell has built-in shopping cart features. And provides detailed analytics data on every action.

Groovesell is equal to Samkart ($2388/yr) or PayKickStart ($3588/yr). But you can use the platform free with your free GrooveFunnels account.


The GrooveAffiliate is the built-in affiliate marketing program of the GrooveFunnels membership site. And it comes with GrooveFunnels free or upgraded membership. No members need to apply to enroll in their program. GrooveFunnels pays a 20% commission to a free member. And a whopping 40% to an upgraded member. Also, there are 10% tier-2 commissions for free members and 20% tier 2 for upgraded members.

GrooveAffiliates comes with detailed analytic data on every action.


GrooveMail is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automation App. It lets you carry out email marketing integration with all your ventures.

Its service is equal to email platforms like ActiveCampaign or Aweber. The free members can store up to 500 contacts in their accounts. Members with higher pricing plans can manage 25,000 contacts with unlimited sending.


GrooveMember is the membership website creation app. It lets you control access levels and delivery options to the members.

In a nutshell, GrooveMember is the membership platform. Where only subscribers can assess specific digital products, courses, content, or resources.


GrooveVideo is equal to a video platform like YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo. You can upload, store, and manage your videos inside GrooveVideo. It is a useful resource for the creators of video courses. Upgraded members can upload and manage unlimited videos while it is 15 for free members. GrooveVideo comes with detailed analytic of your usage.


GrooveKart is an e-Commerce shopping carts creation app. It is equal to Shopify- but a lot easier to manage than Shopify because of its built-in features. Moreover, you do not have to buy or install extra themes or apps with GrooveKart, unlike Shopify.

GrooveKart credit card rates will also be cheaper with the Platinum offer. It’s a 2.85% online credit card rate vs 4.95% with the Free plan). They are adding a feature so that you can import your Shopify store into the GrooveKart.


GrooveBlog software is a blogging platform. It is a content publishing platform with built-in blog features. Unlike WordPress, GrooveBlog software doesn’t need many plugins to manage various functions.


GrooveWebinars Live is a webinar platform. It’s another part of the GrooveFunnels suite for webinar hosting. You can host both live and automated webinars here. Also, you can integrate your webinars with all your funnels, carts, and auto-responder.


GrooveDesk is the tool for managing the technical support of your business. It is a built-in help-desk and customer support team provided for you. You can solve tickets, answer inquiries, and provide general help to your customer.


GrooveCalendar is a built-in app for scheduling your meetings, events, calls. You can set up a system that books appointments with your leads. You can integrate GrooveMail with GrooveCalender to send email sequences to your clients. Also, can book an appointment.


GrooveSurvey app is the survey platform. It helps to get customer data by running surveys and quizzes. It is equal to Response Suite ($828/year) on the market. But the members of GrooveFunnels can access GrooveSurvey without extra cost.

Coming soon according to the roll-out schedule:


GrooveWebinars (Automated)

GrooveStreaming (live)

GrooveStreaming (Automated)



3. Are There Any Bonuses With The Lifetime Upgrade?

Apart from the apps, Groove Digital has included a bonus with the platinum upgrade:

Best of Groove-A-Thon Recordings ($10,000 value)

  • Featured guest presentations
  • Transcripts
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • And more.

4. Three Vital Benefits Of Groove Lifetime Platinum Plan

I’m a GrooveFunnels pro member. But when I look back to find the causes that inspired me to pay $1997, I find three vital reasons. There could be other reasons to upgrade for others but I am talking about my personal motivation.

  • The first motivation was the savings I’m going to make. I was becoming fed up with the monthly charges and the amount was increasing! So, I wanted to deal with it once for all, so that I never have to pay the monthly fees I paid for the past 8-10 years! How much do I save per year? The detailed calculation is coming right below.
  • The second reason for the motivation was a few services I was interested to add to my business. Only the cost was keeping me restrained. But my eyes lit up when I saw that everything I was eyeing in is already bundled in GrooveFunnels. It was a no-brainer for me!
  • The third and this was the most important. I was looking for a high-paying product or service. So, I could make a sizable income promoting them. I was entitled to a 20% affiliate commission as a GrooveFunnels free member. But I was not satisfied with the low rate. So I upgraded to pro to earn 40% commissions.

BTW, I made a few GrooveFunnels platinum upgrade affiliate sales since then. My cost got covered.

5. How the lifetime deal can change your online business.

Now the amount of the one-time payment is $1997 and I know it may seem mind-blowing to you, at least, it was for me.

Like I said I was a free member for six months before I decided to become the groove pro-member. So I had the luxury to scan the features, test and calculate- recalculate the plans. And I was hooked once I compared my current online business expenditure with the lifetime groove cost.

At that point. I was paying $115/pm to the Getresponse email marketing platform for 10,000 emails and it adds up to $1380 per year. And the GrooveMail app lets me store 25,000 emails with unlimited sending!

For hosting, I was paying Hostgator $16.95/pm, which is more than $200 per year. But no extra cost for hosting with the groove deal. The two apps Groove Digital is allowing me with the plan are less than the amount I was already paying!

I made an infographic. It shows the cost comparison of Groove apps vs similar popular software services. You’ll find it below.

I never saw an offer as incredible as GrooveFunnels Platinum plan Lifetime Access with a one-time payment. However, the lifetime upgrade price plan is very time-specific. And they can withdraw the deal anytime. I presume right after black Friday is over.

6. What Are The Alternative Payment Options Of GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan?

First, go inspect how much it costs to get similar apps on the market. And how much per year you can save with GroovePlatinum Lifetime Access Upgrade.

GrooveApps and Other Similar Software Services

Now that you figured out the benefits and how much you save down the road, $1997 may not look so staggering. Still, it may be difficult to the full amount in one go. You Can Run Your Entire Online Business for a ONE Low Payment and Get Everything for LIFE. BTW, all the plans and payment options have 30 days, money-back guarantees.

7. What Happens After The Lifetime Deal Closes?

On 11/16/2021. The lifetime deal with one-time payment would go away after Black Friday 2021. The monthly price plan will be rolling out. So you will have to pay $97 to $297/month to get into the Groove platform. Now is the right time!

8. My recommendation on the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal

I gave my grounds to convince you to do the same as I did. My recommendation is to go for GrooveFunnel’s lifetime deal without any hesitation. It does not matter you are just starting digital marketing or are a veteran, just go for it. You’ll not regret it.

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