Groovefunnels Price Plan Review

You may wonder why Groovefunnels price plans “review?” Why not review the GrooveFunnels itself? Well, you can find a lot of “Groovefunnels reviews” on the net. Even I wrote a full review of the groovefunnels; I covered every angle, and it got almost 7000 words long. 

My number one reason for reviewing Groovefunnel’s price plans is every now and then they change price plans. And now, groovefunnels authority is changing their existing price plans, again.

As for the marketing strategy of the groovefunnels, they are still testing the water. They are constantly changing their price payment plans depending on the stats, and consumer feedback received. And they will continue doing so until they come up with the best price plans. But you can rest assured for now that the free-for-lifetime deal is still on. And you can get it below:

So, I decided to review the price plans to keep my readers updated. Besides, I already reviewed GrooveFunnels in full. You can read my review of GrooveFunnels here.

I hope this Groovefunnels price plans review helps you make an informed decision about which plan and payment option to choose.

Why should you consider groovefunnels in the first place?

If you are reading this review, I am guessing you want to learn more about GrooveFunnels, and its price plans, and maybe even try it. That is a great step. If you think once, then GrooveFunnels might be the solution to your digital marketing problem. But before you set out to make the purchase, there are some things that you need to consider first.

Current Disadvantages

I’m a Groovefunnels pro member, and I use it every day. The most vital disadvantage I discovered, and it’s not a secret that the Groovefunnels is still in the beta stage. But don’t let that put you off. The GrooveFunnels is working on the system. They are still working on some of the lesser apps, but the basic apps- a digital marketer need to carry out an online business fully functional. 

Current Advantage

The current disadvantage is the advantage of GrooveFunnels from the customer’s point of view. That’s why we can get it 20 times cheaper than the existing similar software on the market just because it’s still in the beta stage.

I see it as an investment for the future, which is also a business cost-reducing investment. I mean, getting a pro-membership now with a one-time price will cover some of your business costs for a lifetime! You never have to pay for some vital digital marketing services for life! Below is the list of such services (apps) that you never have to pay again:

  • Groovefunnels Hosting (Unlimited bandwidth)
  • GroovePages- Sales funnels and website building 
  • GrooveMail- Email autoresponder service (25,000 sending/Month)
  • GrooveBlog- Blog Publishing (Unlimited, no need to buy additional plugins or themes)
  • Groovesell- Complete selling system of your digital/physical products
  • GrooveMember- Membership sites
  • GrooveKart- Your Shopify equivalent store
  • GrooveVideo- Your own Youtube like video-store
  • GrooveWebinar- Your live/recorded webinar hosting 

Take any of the services above, and compare with the best similar services in the market. You will find the cost for a year is more than Groovefunnel’s lifetime price! And you are having all the other services for free!

Is Groovefunnels worth it?

To be honest, that is entirely up to you. It is dependent on what your goals are for your online business. If your goal is making money solely from selling your own products or services, then GrooveFunnels will help you do just that in a way more effective way than ever before.

I personally like the idea of reducing my digital marketing costs to Zero with only a one-time investment. 

Okay, let’s give an example. With a one-time $1997, we are getting lifetime use of the groovefunnels, including the GrooveMails auto-responder app with other apps. Groovemails will let you store 25,000 emails with unlimited sending. 

Now, take a similar service like the GrooveMail autoresponder. We are taking the best service, the Aweber. How much Aweber charges per year to store a 25,000 email database? A whopping $1753.80 per year, which is $356.80 more than the groovefunnels lifetime cost! Besides, Aweber will charge you $1753.80 once more in the next year, whereas the Groovefunnels costs just once for lifetime use, with all its future updates! 

Got the picture? You can do similar calculations comparing any of the groovefunnels apps with similar services in the market.


groovemail review

GrooveFunnels Previous Price Plans

Previously there were only two price plans, the base plan and the Lifetime plan with a one-time payment. 

The base plan is a free plan for life. If you want the following, you need to upgrade to the Lifetime plan. 

Base Plan- the base plan is free for life and it includes the use of all the apps with some limitations. 

Life Time Plan- the lifetime plan is the pro-membership which costs $1397 one-time payment and includes all the groovefunnels apps.

Apart from the instant payment option with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there were a few payment options like:

  • $0 Today, then 4 x monthly payments of $497 starting in 14 days. Or
  • 6 x monthly payments of $388 starting today. Or
  • 12 x monthly payments of $249 starting today.
  • Pay in full at $1,397 and save up to 35%.

GrooveFunnels Current Price Plans

The base plan and the pricing of Lifetime pro-membership remained the same, no changes there. But the payment options have changed recently. There’s no longer a “pay nothing for 14 days” option, there is no longer an option for 6 or 12 payments. So the options remained like this:

1. Sign up for free and upgrade with an instant $1397 that includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Or take the 4x$497 payment option to upgrade at OTO

3. Pay 5x$497 to upgrade later, that is if you miss the OTO.

GrooveFunnels Future Price Plans

The breaking news is Groovefunnel’s lifetime access with a one-time payment of $1397 will be increased to $2497 soon. It is announced by the CEO of Groove Digital, Mike Filsaime in a recent webinar. And then Grove Digital will cancel the lifetime deal with a one-time payment and roll out their monthly price plans. 

Conclusion- Groovefunnels price plans review

In our GrooveFunnels review, we have shown you that the lifetime pro-membership plan is a great deal for still, only $1997. You should take advantage of it before it turns to $2497. The pricing and payment options have changed recently, but the offer remains the same. So if you are looking to make your business more successful with an automated Funnel Builder; then Groovefunnels can be a good choice for you.

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