In what sense is Groove a CRM?

Let’s begin with understanding what CRM means, and then I’ll come to the reasons why we should consider Groove as a top CRM platform and a sales engagement platform. 

What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. The phrase describes a system of managing interactions and relationships with customers and potential customers. Customer Relation Management typically includes software for tracking email communications, phone conversations, support tickets management, social media interactions (likes, retweets, shares), and appointments or other face-to-face customer engagements.

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What are the Apps needed for CRM?

There are a lot of apps that can help you with CRM, such as:

  • Customer relationship manager (which is part of the sales app)
  • Shopping cart for shopping order management
  • Email checker and email database management tools.
  • Tools for managing your contacts, phone, messages, and email inboxes. Other social media apps. 

All the CRM-related apps are there inside the Groove. 

In what sense is Groove a CRM?

Groove as a product is getting a name CRM for different reasons. Mike Filsaime, the CEO of Groove, explained it on the latest Groovion (Webinar) a couple of weeks ago.

Groove often outgrew its name GrooveFunnels (now Groove Cm) as it is much more than that.

“We are creating a platform that will be the leader in ways people sell online, and once you sell something, you need to Manage your Customer Relationships.

You will have the option to track all the action a user takes within your online business and your online assets,” Mike says.

CRM is not just for sales, either. Managing your audience’s relationships, reviewers, affiliates and bloggers, and many more would be required.

Groove has built apps that will automate all the actions you need for your Customer Relations Management. These are more powerful than similar tools in the market.

Groove will help you stay in touch with your customers without checking them manually. You can send them an email, a Skype call, or a greeting card on their birthday when signed up for it. Groove will also show you which customers are hot and which ones are not.

And you can engage them with automated messages and emails based on how they have been interacting with you and your brand.

Email Automation & Automated Integration with Groove Salesforce

As an eCommerce store owner, you collect your customers’ email addresses and start getting leads in your Salesforce.

Salesforce leads are fantastic, and they are integrated with other apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

But what about the leads that come from your website? You want to keep them organized in one place so you can contact them quickly later on.

And what about setting up automated messages to reach out to these people?

Groove is ready for this by featuring new features called Groove Flow.

Groove All-In-One Marketing CRM Software

Groove is the most complete, powerful, and unique marketing CRM software. Altogether it is the most advanced and efficient tool for online marketing professionals.

Groove Flow integrates with various social networks and chat tools such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Google Talk, etc.

Using Groove Flow, you can reach out to your leads all in one place from multiple platforms such as Facebook or your website. Groove Flow integrates seamlessly with Salesforce so you can keep your 

Lead management in Groove.

Do more with Groove.

Groove is the one-stop shop for online marketing.

You have a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ Page, and you love sharing on all these social networks.

Wouldn’t it be great to manage them in one place or do the same work?

You can use Groove to add your social media updates, share images or videos, and gather your clients’ comments or customers. Groove CRM integrates with Salesforce for keeping track of leads from your website. Check Groove CRM Here>

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