Plug-In Groovefunnels Affiliate Link- Free!

Plug-In Groovefunnels Affiliate Link- Free!

The year 2019. Groove digital’s Groovefunnels was just launched. Do you know what is GrooveFunnels? It’s a hub of 17 online marketing apps and software. With it, you are getting all the online marketing needs under one roof. Interestingly the apps were kept open for everybody. Free of cost.

Fast forward to 2022. GrooveFunnels changed to Groove Cm, but there are now 18 marketing apps instead of 17. And surprise, surprise, surprise! The 18 apps are still free of cost at the beginning of 2022! And the most prominent apps still are free for life!

So, what are the difference between Groove digital 2019 & 2022? There are a whole lot of differences. Most of the apps in 2019 were in beta. Except for the three prominent apps, GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveAgffiliate. (BTW, you could showcase your products and receive payments with the help of these three apps.) In 2022, we see that the other apps have become fully functional and out of the beta stage. Still, there are 1/2 apps at beta and will be released within months.

Here I want to draw your attention to only three apps that are lifetime free for everybody. These apps are:

#1. GroovePages

So what’s the Groovepages app, what does it do, and how can you enjoy the lifetime free account? Well, GroovePages is a drag and drop website & webpage creator. Did I say drag & drop? It truly is. The app is so easy to use that my 8-year daughter became a master webpage designer within a week! All you need to do is check inside the member area to verify my claim.

GroovePages- Groove Digital

A little bit more on the GroovePages app. It gives you a visual editor to design your web pages. There are a lot of built-in and customizable templates; on almost every niche imaginable. Just drag some blocks of your choice and drop them on the template you picked inside the visual editor. Make a few adjustments, and your webpage is ready to launch to the world.

You can create a sequence of web pages to make your sales funnel. You also can seamlessly integrate this page to other apps of the bundle. Integration with the other apps is one of the many advantages of Groove.

#2. GrooveSell

Okay, you have finished designing your web pages and showcased some products or services to sell online! What is the ONE thing you need to sell? A payment system management app. And Groovesell is just that. Groovesell is a world-class online shopping cart, affiliate, and payment gateways management tool. It has built-in shopping cart features and provides detailed analytics data on every action. You can promote your physical, digital, online courses or services through Groovesell. At the same time, you can take payments and manage your affiliates.

Groovesell- Groove Digital


#3. GrooveAffiliates

GrooveAffiliate is the most attractive free app of the Groove bundle- it makes you money!

As soon as you signed up for a free account, you automatically became an affiliate of Groove. You can earn a 20% commission selling any Groove product as a free member.

There are various promotion tools inside your member area to help you with your first sale within a week! Just log in to your member area and get your affiliate links! Here’s your opportunity to make money paying nothing.

GrooveAffiliate- Groove Digital

Here’s how the affiliate program works. They have chalked out a never heard of strategy, and they named it the Groove Affiliate Assist.

If you get someone to sign up for a free account that’s connected to you forever, nobody could snatch it, ever! But following three scenarios could happen with your sign up and Groove Assist ensure that you enjoy each of the cases.

#1. You’ll get a full commission if your promotional effort causes them (your signups) to upgrade. You’ll get your 20% commission, no problem.

#2. Groove also tirelessly promotes your signup. They are masters of promotion and marketing. But Groove doesn’t charge you anything for promoting your signup. You’ll get a full commission if your signups upgrade by Groove Digital promotions.

#3. If your signup upgrades with the affiliate link of that video uploader, the commission will be split between you and that affiliate. But if your signup, a free member, inspired by a video on YouTube uploaded not by you but another affiliate. You may end up making money from other people’s promotional works just because you signed them up first. And they get into a free Groove account from your affiliate links.
With Groove Affiliate Assist – nobody loses. It’s a win-win—every time and for everybody!

The bottom line is that GrooveFunnels is still free with all its 18 apps! Whether you want to use the apps in your online business or you just want to make money promoting them, you got to get a free account first.

Hey! you lose nothing, you don’t have to give away your credit card detail. So, what harm could be there if your sign-up for a lifetime free account?

You may be thinking, what’s my catch! It’s simple. If you sign-up for a lifetime free account with my grooveFunnels affiliate link, I’ll get nothing. But if you decide to upgrade tomorrow, or after a year or after ten years, I’ll make a commission from that transaction. So here’s my affiliate link:

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