The Free Tool That Builds Unlimited Funnels | How to make money with it?

I will show you how you can access a free tool to build unlimited sales funnels and landing pages; it’s free for life! Okay, so the backstory on how I got introduced to this sales funnel builder.

I’ve been in the internet marketing arena for eleven years now. And I came to know the names of a few big shots in the Warriorforum. Not to mention, the Warriorforum was the Goldmine of online business back then.

Background Of The Free Online Business Tool

A few years back, I bought an Internet marketing training course. It was from a pretty successful coach named Alex Jeffery. In one of the videos, he mentioned that he learned marketing from his coach named, Mike Filsaime (Google him). That course cost him a few thousand dollars, and he went to the USA from England. Google Mike if you want to know more about his journey and successes.

I have regarded Mike Filsaime in high esteem since then. He’s a marketer, and his focus area is marketing software. He was making & launching essential software and Apps in the internet marketing industry. I was following his works.

Then he made Webinarjam, a vast successful webinar hosting software. Another webinar platform he made is WebinarJam. And then, Kartra, a page builder software. But he left the Kartra team soon after it became popular among the marketers.

Then he announced that he was going to form another company named GrooveDigital. The most popular publishing platform was WordPress, but it won’t be anymore! And there will be a collection of essential marketing apps for digital marketers. An Email marketing app is also included.

The Free Tool That Builds Unlimited Sales Funnels & Landing Pages Came To Surface

I used WordPress and some plugins before I joined the latest without any hesitation. As soon as I got the news, I understood one thing. An ample and profitable opportunity, a new marketing platform is coming to the surface, opening to the public anytime. That’s called groovefunnels, the free Tool that builds unlimited sales funnels & landing pages. It’s partially like ClickFunnels that charges a whopping $297/month, Leadpages $239/month, or ThriveTheme $127/month.

Mike decided to give us early access and access to some of our community members. Then he did the same for the public. Now, users could get in for free and play around with it. Users can also build sales funnels, landing pages, selling products online, and email marketing.

Ever since I began to use GrooveFunnels membership sites, my online business expense rates have dropped substantially. I used ClickFunnels and Aweber for email marketing with a monthly fee, and now, I use GrooveMail at no cost.

Two Powerful FREE Tools- The GroovePagesGrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate 

Not only are you going to replace WordPress to get access to Groovefunnels, the marketing automation wizard, which will be accessible to you. You can build unlimited sales funnels, landing pages, and one-click pop-ups. You can create order bumps and everything you need to do to sell online. Also, you can carry out your email marketing.

Also, you are getting free access to Grooveselll. Groovesell is a compelling affiliate management platform. You can use it to promote Groovefunnels yourself.

Not only are you going to build those websites and sales funnels. But if you want, you can share information about group funnels with your friends. Just give them your affiliate link, and make a 40% commission off of it.

So you’ll make money just by talking about the GrooveFunnels. I can tell you that I’m, paying $297 a month in online funnel systems, the ClickFunnels, that don’t even do what this one can do.

So when I saw what was going on with this platform the other day, it floored me. There are many things that it does well. That is, compared to the other tools out there. This Tool will change the funnel-building landscape.

You’re going to see that many people are jumping into this. And it is making this switch just because of how powerful it is. So let’s. Talk about Groovefunnels, the free Tool that builds unlimited funnels.

Let’s go to the links for the GrooveFunnel, Free Sign-up page of the free Tool that builds unlimited funnels.

The free tool that builds unlimited funnels
The page you’re going to land on and like it says at the top. It’s a free way to build funnels and sell digital products. You’ll see it in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. People are just jumping into this thing. It’s catching like wildfire right now – and I do want you to be one of those people that has access to this free account.

Now, full disclosure. If you want more functionality, you do have the ability to upgrade. Upgradation will get more functionality, but it’s not required. You do get unlimited funnels with this free account. Okay, I repeat, Unlimited funnels free account.

At the very least, you’ll want to go here. Sign up for this account from the link I placed above. Claim your free access and play around with it. Because it’s straightforward to use, and it’s incredible.

The Free Tool, GroovePages Walkthrough

So this is my area where I can create new sites with a few clicks. All you have to do is click a few buttons, and there are a ton of templates, including templates for pop-ups that you can choose from. Also, you can create different pages to do split-testing to increase the conversion rate. It will walk you by creating a site to see how simple and easy it is.

GrooveFunnels Walkthrough By Mike Filsaime

For somebody, this thing has you covered? Look at all these awesome templates and digital marketing tools that are mobile responsive. You are getting awesome, professional mobile responsive templates inside the GrooveFunnels funnel builder dashboard. You can tweak them and use them to serve your local customers to skyrocket the conversion rate.

Suppose you want to build membership sites for a local customer in your area, a local business. Or somebody is doing, you know, eCommerce! You’re, trying to sell something online or give away books or just a business card website.
You will love this if you don’t have any experience building a sales funnel or landing pages. Because you could come in here and edit the content and repurpose it, this takes the handcuffs off you.

Everything is drag-and-drop, the best for marketing automation. Easy to do so. Users can change the headline, replacing it with your clients’ headlines. You can change the content or can change images. All you have to do is click, hit, and configure. Don’t you have any Images? You can click the free stock photos section. And just start hit search, and what this does is. It goes out, and it finds images that you can do now.

Those of you have built websites with a sales funnel. You know how hard-hit and difficult it can be to find these photos; without being liable for a lawsuit.

Then once you go live, you will be able to publish this Site in your funnel builder. You can go to that Site just by editing that information and connecting your domain here. What an easy way to build a sales funnel, right?
I know you guys were looking for that link now, where you can get this free software tool to build a sales funnel and landing pages with split-testing ability. So here’s the link again:

GrooveFunnel, Free Sign-up

You can get something set up so easily. You have so much functionality and marketing automation behind you in just a matter of minutes, without the need for extra plugins, unlike WordPress. And you can make a lot of money by offering services to local businesses.

I built my first website for a bed company. I spent a couple of hours learning how to build a sales funnel inside GrooveFunnels. It was challenging for me to know how to do that. And I got 500 bucks. But you can get $ 500 for spending a couple of hours building this website. And as you get better and better, you can charge a lot more money to build websites.

Make Money Building Website & Sales Funnel With The Free Tool

Today we’re charging anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 to 10,000 dollars to build websites or sales funnel, and users can do that. Build the portfolio as long as you start to get a little better at it. Then start talking to people about how you can help them create websites for their business with the free sales funnel builder.
There are so many people out there that need a website. People are coming to digital marketing to get their presence out there as the world is shut down. And this Tool is free, unlike ClickFunnel or WordPress.

We need to be able to help these people come back to the market. So there is a lot of opportunity for anybody. Looking to start a business from home, start a freelancing, gig a side hustle, whatever you want to call it.

Yes, It Is Free Tool That Builds Unlimited Funnels

You get free access to this free Tool that builds users unlimited sales funnels and landing pages. You just have to click the link below. I hope you’ll. Take me up on this check out the Tool, and I will write more on this Tool. I’ll write more on how to leverage the Tool to make money. So stay tuned.

GrooveFunnel, Free Sign-up

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