What Is The Best Way Of Learning Internet Marketing From Home?

The best way of learning Internet marketing from home is to grasp knowledge as much as possible. You can discover Internet marketing in no time by studying and practicing.
A more practical question would be what you’ll study to learn digital marketing. And where to find the resources? I will answer your question here and show you the proper learning process.

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Planning- Is The Best Way Of Learning Internet Marketing From Home

 Unsystematic reading may take longer to grasp the digital marketing process. Moreover, you could get overwhelmed and lose interest in the subject. It would be best if you had the proper planning before you start studying.

There is always benefit in the strategic study; it always brings precise results and brings it much faster. That’s why picking suitable material for research and knowing where to find them is crucial. 

We will discuss a few places for systematically learning Internet marketing from home. But before we go there, we like to point out one vital issue, and that is: 

Mindset Of Learning Internet Marketing From Home

The success or failure of learning digital marketing business from home depends on your mindset. Like how serious are you, and how persistent are you in learning online marketing from home.  

Every journey has its barriers, and the Internet is no exception. You must be persistent in learning and should not give up on the obstacles that will come along. So, focus on setting your mind before you go ahead with selecting content. And do strategic planning on your approach. 

Common Types Of Internet Marketing Business

There are hundreds of different methods to make money out of online businesses. But we will only mention the broader and basic methods here. The typical business models are:

Affiliate Marketing Business

The easiest way to start internet marketing is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means you sell other people’s products for commissions. In most cases, an affiliate uses the selling resources provided by the vendors. Large companies like Amazon thrive with this model. 

Content Marketing Business

As you go forward, you will hear this word many times- the content is the king. Now, what does this ‘content’ mean? Internet marketing is all about your presence on the net. And the only way to put your products, services, or brands online is via some content. The contents could be text content, it could be image content, or even it could be video content. 

So, content marketing puts as much content and as many places on the net. The more you do it, the more chances it creates of people seeing and interacting. But remember, the quality of your content must be good- people will not interact unless your content gives value. Also, it would help if you learned search engine optimization to make your content rank in search engines. 

Social Media Marketing Business

You must be aware of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and similar services. General people use these sites for socialization. But you need to use the sites to sell your products or services if you want to be an Internet marketer. 

So, social media marketing is selling your brand via social media. The techniques of marketing in one social site may differ from another. And it’s understandable- each website has its interface, style, and audience. Some digital marketing professionals build their entire business only on social media marketing, i.e., running advertising campaigns on Facebook. 

PPC Marketing Business

PPC represents pay-per-click. It’s a form of advertisement the popular sites allow you to set up at their site. Advertise the products or services on their site with links. If any visitors or customers click the link, you have to pay a pre-agreed amount as a customer. 

Almost all the social sites and search engine sites run the PPC advertisement business. We see PPC advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and other significant sites.

Like I said, Internet marketing is not limited to the four areas above- there are plenty more!

Now I’ll go through some places where you can learn Internet marketing. I started my journey 11 years ago, and I can confidently recommend these places. Here are the places you can learn about Internet marketing businesses from home:

#1 Learning Internet Marketing From Forums

There are many digital marketing forums on the net; some are free, some are paid. These forums are the best places to learn internet marketing. I know because I learned digital marketing from one of the forums. 

Finding those free forums is easy; you need to make a Google search, create a free membership, and hang there. 

Now, what do I mean by ‘hang in there?’ 

I meant to log into the forum, try to understand what’s going on, ask questions, and participate in discussions. You can learn everything you need to know within the shortest possible period. 

 I learned about the Internet marketing business by logging into the warrior forum the first morning. And I used to spend a couple of hours skimming. The first few weeks were overwhelming for me because nothing was making sense! But instead of freaking out, I kept pushing. And, after a few months, I was actively taking part in the discussions.

But, the warrior forum isn’t the only forum to learn. There are many you can extract from Google, and below is the list of the top seven digital marketing forums, but my liking is the first two: 

1. Warrior Forum https://www.warriorforum.com/

2. Digital Point: https://www.digitalpoint.com/

3. Black Hat World https://www.blackhatworld.com/

4. Wicked Fire https://www.wickedfire.com/

5. SEO Audit http://www.seoaudit.com/

6. V7N Network Community http://www.v7n.com/

7. Webmaster Forum https://www.webmasterforums.com/

These forums are digital marketing forums in the broader sense. And each has sub-forums on most Internet marketing sub-niches, like email marketing, blogging, website building, etc.  

You have to make a paid subscription to a few forums. For instance, the “Stack That Money” (stmforum.com) forum is only for affiliate marketing, a sub-niche of Internet marketing. There are also private & paid Facebook groups that act as forums. 

Paid membership in any Internet marketing is not necessary for you. But, paid forums could give you the right direction from the very beginning and push on your goal faster.

But the problem is, you don’t know which direction would be better for you. Also, you don’t remember which sub-niche or micro-niche would fit the best for you.  

So, I recommend you hang around in any free Internet marketing forum for a couple of months. And make yourself fit for the required paid platform for faster outcomes. 

#2. Learning Internet Marketing From Internet Marketing Blogs

You can learn internet marketing from blogs. And this method is only the second to internet marketing forums.

The content of most of the popular internet marketing blogs is mixed. Some are for beginners, and some are for advanced readers only. But the good news is, reading always turns a beginner into an advanced reader in no time!

Again, you can make your list of blogs from Google, but here is a list of the top seven Google ranked Blogs: 

1. Neil Patel Blog https://neilpatel.com/blog/

2. Income School Blog https://incomeschool.com/blog/

3. MOZ https://moz.com/

4. Buffer https://buffer.com/resources/

5. Search Engine Land https://searchengineland.com/

6. Content Marketing Institute https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/

7. Hubspot Blog https://blog.hubspot.com/

#3 Learning Internet Marketing From The Search Engines

Google and YouTube are the two most vital tools to learn Internet marketing. And using Google and Youtube alongside the Internet marketing forums and blogs is crucial.

You can quickly search Google on any topic or issue discussed in the forums or blogs that you don’t have enough knowledge of. Google and Youtube always come up with your solution.

You can use these tools to learn Internet marketing issues later in your journey. Remember that problems will always come forward in your never-ending journey. This journey could be pleasant, as well. For instant, Youtube gives you audio-visual narration on the topics you are looking for.

#4. Learning Internet Marketing From The Mentors/Coaches

Online coaches and mentors are available online, and you can find many from Google. But selecting one is tricky, like paid forums. The mentors are experts of a specific sub-niche or even micro-niche. So, before hitting a mentor, you must understand what route of Internet marketing you want to follow.

But some mentors start with internet marketing in general. I have known a mentor for a long time named Kevin Fahey, and I know his online reputation is unquestionable. 

#5. Learning Online Marketing From Google Course

One of the best sources to learn online marketing is Google itself? Google’s Digital Marketing Course is packed with video tutorials on SEM, Google Ads, social networks, video networks, mobile strategy, etc. The course also shows how to set up your digital marketing campaigns.

# 6. The Best Sources of Cheaper Online Courses- Udemy

Udemy.com offers over 10,000 online courses on everything from search engine marketing, social media platforms, and affiliate marketing to app building and, of course, making email marketing campaigns!

#7. Learning Online From Facebook

There are a lot of pages and groups, both open and private, on Facebook to learn Internet marketing. You can find groups to know by searching in the Facebook search engine. Some private Facebook groups are subscription-based; you need to pay an amount to join the group.  

Practice Is The Key To Learning Internet Marketing

The best form of education is actively putting what you’ve learned into practice. Create test campaigns, monitor the results, optimize the movements and learn from your mistakes. You’ll be following the instructions provided by the study materials you’re using, and there’s no risk involved as you aren’t yet dealing with digital advertising budgets for real businesses.

Getting Certified and Qualified To Learn Internet Marketing

Now that you’re confident with the study materials take the associated certifications and qualifications to test your knowledge.


We have discussed the best way of learning internet marketing from home. But the success of it depends on you and your mindset. Remember, too many people try to learn Internet marketing and want to make money out of it only because the Internet is readily available. The Internet has become too handy not to try making money out of it. 

The truth is that 95% of beginners fail to reach advanced levels, where they could make a living from home. Lack of proper mindset is the cause of their failure! 

So, make up your mind if you want to learn and earn from the Internet from home.

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