GrooveMail Review- CRM Tool of the Future?

Do you know what is GrooveMail? Well, the name, “GrooveMail” gives away its identity. By the name you can understand it is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. To simplify more, you can say, it is an email and SMS marketing tool, or service.

There are hundreds of similar services and tools in the market. Some are very good with high reputations. And they are on the market for years!

So, why GrooveMail is different, what is the big deal about GrooveMail? Why I have started my GrooveMail review saying it’s the CRM tool of the future?

In my GrooveMail review, I’ll emphasize this particular issue. And also, give a light touch on the feathers and functionalities. Because, if I don’t, it would be hard for you to fathom what GrooveMail is capable of.

So, I’ll spotlight the reasons to prove my claim- it is the CRM of the future. But I’ll start with why it is the tool of the future first and then, I’ll go through the features and the functionalities.

Why GrooveMail is the tool of the future?

The first reason is that GrooveMail is still in the beta stage. You know, you can do a lot at this stage. That means you cannot use all the features in full swing right now. But you can use most of them. You may think of it as a disadvantage, not an advantage, right? 

Not so. Beta-stage means you can have it now cheap. A lot cheaper than the original price. How cheap? A lot! Check the price comparison chart below.

So, you can take it as an investment for the (near) future. A lifetime deal is on right now with a one-time payment. The deal will benefit you for the rest of your digital marketing career. 

GrooveMail will be functional soon, within months from now. So why not take advantage of the beta stage? This apart, I have listed a few benefits of GrooveMail as follows: 

Reason #1 GrooveMail Is FREE for life!

It is true! Don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and sign-up for a Groove free account. You’ll get the GrooveMail for free with other essential digital marketing apps. Don’t worry! The account is free and all the apps are free. And it will be free for life!

But there are some restrictions on GrooveMail’s free account. You can store and manage only five hundred contacts on your free account. You need to upgrade your account if you need more than five hundred.

Reason #2 GrooveMail Is One App Integrated With 16+ Digital Marketing Apps

You must understand that GrooveMail is not a stand-alone app. It comes with sixteen other essential digital marketing apps. The advantage is you can cross-utilize other apps functionality with GrooveMail. For instance, you can create a sign-up form in GrooveMail. And then integrate to a page created with the groove page builder called the GroovePages.

Reason #3 Comparative Pricing With Other CRM Tools And services

GrooveMail’s price is a lot cheaper compared to the other apps and services on the market. You cannot get a GrooveMail account without the other sixteen Groove apps. Even so, the price of the GrooveMail alone is more cheaper than any other email marketing service.

Let’s compare with ActiveCampaign. They charge $149 per month for only 2500 contacts if you pay yearly. So you need to pay $1788 per year for only 2500 contacts.

You can get GrooveMail for $1997, not per year! You pay once and enjoy it for life! No further payment whatsoever! Moreover, you have the liberty of managing 10,000 contacts in GrooveMail. Within the GrooveMail lifetime deal, you are getting all 16 GrooveApps as well.

Reason #4 Acquiring GrooveMail Means Acquiring other 16 Digital Marketing Apps For Free

Let me show you what are the apps you are getting with your GrooveMail account. And then we will show you the comparative prices of similar services on the market. Here is the list:

1. GroovePages– an easy-to-use drag & drop page builder app (like Kartra).

2. GrooveSell– online shopping cart, affiliate, and payment gateways management tool.

3. GrooveAffiliate– is the affiliate program of the Groove membership site. Groove pays a 20% commission to a free member. And a whopping 40% to an upgraded member. Also, there are 10% tier-2 commissions for free members and 20% tier 2 for upgraded members.

4. GrooveMember– is the membership platform. Only the subscribers can assess specific digital products, courses, content, or resources.

5. GrooveVideo– is equal to YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo. You can upload, store, and manage your videos inside GrooveVideo.

6. GrooveKart– is the eCommerce platform. It is equal to Shopify- but a lot easier to manage than Shopify because of its built-in features.

7. GrooveBlog– is a content publishing platform with built-in blog features. Unlike WordPress, it doesn’t need many plugins to manage various functions.

8. GrooveDesk- is the tool for managing the technical support of your business. It is a built-in help-desk provided for you. You can solve tickets, answer inquiries, and provide general help to your customer.

9. GrooveCalendar– is a built-in app for scheduling your meetings, events, calls.

10. GrooveSurvey– helps to get customer data by running surveys and quizzes.

11. GrooveWebinars– is for webinar hosting. You can host both live and automated webinars. Also, you can integrate your webinars with all your funnels, carts, and auto-responder.

Apps Coming Soon Inside the Member area

12. GrooveWebinars (Automated)

13. GrooveStreaming (live)

14. GrooveStreaming (Automated)

15. GrooveProof

16. GrooveQuiz

These sixteen apps above plus the GrooveMail will save you thousands of dollars per year. Compare the pricing of other similar services on the market to see the difference. But the only way to get GrooveMail right now is to get the lifetime deal with a one-time payment. Below is the price comparison table with similar apps and services. 

GrooveMail Review- CRM Tool of the Future?
Save Thousands With GrooveMail

What Are The Features of GrooveMail?

Like I said before that there are many CRMs in the digital marketing world. The outcome of the tools and services are almost identical. But each company has its own core design running behind the scene. 

GrooveMail model is like ActiveCampaign. a service admired by a lot of digital marketers and online entrepreneurs.   

Here’s a list of the main GrooveMail features and a brief description of each.

1. Signup Forms

It is easy to create Groovemail forms inside the editor. There are many pre-made templates to use. You also can design forms from scratch with the custom fields. Generate the code, paste it on any page and the form will appear. Especially, the GrooveMail forms integrate on pages created with the GroovePages app.

GrooveMail Form Builder

 2. Leads

Your subscribers are your leads and there is a “Leads” tab inside GrooveMail to manage your leads. You can view all your contacts and edit their contact details.

You can also add email contacts to the unsubscriber list or suppress them if you don’t want them on your email list.

GrooveMail Lead Management

3. Email & Sms Campaigns

GrooveMail supports sending email broadcasts as well as SMS broadcasts to your subscribers. A “Campaign” tab is available in the GrooveMail dashboard to set up and manage the campaigns. List segmentation and tagging features are also available.

4. GrooveMail Lists, Tags, and Segments

You can create email lists, tags, and tag categories within GrooveMail.

Tag categories are useful when you have many brands or projects that you want to group tags.

Segments are like dynamic searches where you filter and exclude leads in real-time.

Here are the following segment triggers you can put in place

subscribed to a list

has a specific tag, also

filled a form and,

a specific IP

opened a broadcast

clicked on a link

date range


5. GrooveMail Sequences

GrooveMail sequences incorporate both email and SMS email sequences.

You can trigger an email sequence when someone is tagged, subscribes to a list, or opts into a form.

There are time delays of when you want emails to be sent. And conditional splits where you can apply certain conditions based on a user’s behavior.

6. Marketing Automation

GrooveMail lets you turn on a host of automation based on your recipients’ behaviors.

You can define rules like IF a contact does then THEN do this.

Here are the available IF automation currently available with more coming soon:

if a lead subscribes to a list

or a lead unsubscribes from a list,

or lead is assigned a tag, and

any lead fills the form

any lead subscribers to sequence

Purchased a product (from GrooveSell)

Refunds a product

cancels a subscription

Here are the available THEN automation currently available with more coming soon:

any lead subscribes to a list

or a lead unsubscribes from any list

add a tag

remove a tag

subscribe to sequence

unsubscribe from sequence

Add as an affiliate

Refund a sale (from GrooveSell)

cancels a subscription

add a membership

add to integration (like third party software)

The best part is that GrooveMail has connections to all the Groove apps on the platform. So there will be more IF and THEN automation added soon.

GrooveMail Frequent Asked Questions

How Much Does GrooveMail Cost?

GrooveMail will cost you nothing if your need is less than 500 contact. You can use the service for free including the other 16 apps.

The other option is to go for the lifetime deal. A lifetime deal allows you 10,000 contacts. With some features only available with the pro version. 

 How Many Sender Emails Can I Add On GrooveMail?

Sender email is only one for free accounts and unlimited for lifetime deals. 

How Many Contacts Can I Add On GrooveMail?

500 email contacts on the free version and 10,000 contacts on the Paid Lifetime version.

How Many Emails Can I Send per Month On GrooveMail?

5000 emails per month on a free account. Lifetime users can send unlimited emails per month.

Can I Import My Existing Email list in GrooveMail?

Free members don’t have that feature. but Lifetime members can import unlimited email contacts.

Can I use Gmail as a verified Sender on GrooveMail?

No, you can’t. You will need to set up a domain email like [email protected]

Do I still Need Hosting for Emails?

Yes, GrooveMail does not provide you with a free email address. You will need to have separate hosting for your own branded domain email address.

Check out this video on how to set up a free business domain email on SendInblue. 

I have My Domain On Cloudflare, How Do I Make Sure It Works With GrooveMail

Ensure that you have added MX records into Cloudflare. And these records pointed to your email hosting provider. Do not add your MX records on Groove’s name servers.

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