How to Create a High Converting Sales page or landing page? Experts Talk

Sales pages, landing pages, sales page design, high converting landing page, conversion rate, CTA, landing page tools, landing page builder, high converting product, irresistible offers, these are words I live with. It’s been my business to deal with these things for the past ten years. When I look back and compare, I see that I’m still fascinated by the landing pages as my early days!

I always keep myself open to learning new things and views regarding the high-converting landing page. I see ideas here and there on the net; some are pretty good, and some are basic. Each of them has a choice of landing page builder. Some don’t use any landing page tools at all! But every one of them has their idea and presentation styles. 

I gathered some impressive views on the high-converting landing page in a private Facebook group, and I want to share their thoughts here. In the discussions, they were hunting for potential customers, but they also outlined some excellent basics of creating a high converting landing page. 

The group is private, but it’s open for whoever wants to join, so I highly encourage you to join the group free.

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Discussion From Simran Wadhwani (1)

How to Create a High Converting Sales page or landing page?

Discussion From Simran Wadhwani (1)

We’ve always heard the phrase, “The First Impression is the Last Impression.” A funnel’s primary goal is to create a first impression in less than 7 seconds.

But, there seems a mystery as to how to create a high-converting sales page.

Following are steps that every funnel must include to become a high converting funnel.

Headline: The headline of the funnel speaks it all. The headline has the power to grab your client’s attention for the next 7 seconds.

Credibility: Credibility is the audience’s judgment about the communicator’s believable. Thus, Credibility acts as a factor of decision making.

Sneak peek – Sneak peek acts as a trailer of the movie. Sneak peek gives an idea about what will be the product’s result.

Assurance: Assurance speaks more about the product, which promises people what they will get from it.

Social Proof: Social proof increases the client’s trust towards the product; social proof can be video testimonies, text testimonies, number of signs ups/purchases popping up, etc.

Urgency: Urgency excites people to buy or claim freebies immediately; it shows the limitation of the offer.

The image below shows an example of all the elements mentioned above.

All those elements put together in the proper flow, with eye-catching images/ background, with engaging copy, makes a Highly convertible sales funnel.


Discussion from Simran Wadhwani (2)

How to make your Landing page/ funnel an automated Sales generator?

I’ve heard people saying funnels are money-making Machines in the business.

But is that true?

I say yes, let me tell you How it works.

Imagine, You’ve hired a sales force that speaks to your clients, Tells them about your product, your Company, focuses their problem and gives solutions for the same, shows them the actual results achieved by other clients, and answers their concerns.

Do you think that’s enough to close the deal? 

I know it’s a yes.

Now, Imagine Your sales page doing all of the above. 

A Perfectly Optimised Sales Page does all of that; it can increase your sales by 5-20 times than before.

The image below is the template that shows how a high converting funnel looks.

I hope this helps you.


Discussion from Kushal Raj

How to build a High-converting funnel

These are the steps for building high converting funnel.

  • Irresistible offer
  • copy – persuasive copy
  • pricing
  • marketing strategy
  • lead magnet
  • Design of funnel – People first see your design, trust and after that, they read the copy
  • Testimonials – Build trust

Traffic – You should choose your traffic source wisely. decide where your audience mostly hangout it many Facebook, LinkedIn whatever it is

Follow-up asset: Like retargeting people without paying anything through email, follow-up investments are like retargeting people.

High-Converting Landing Page Creation2

High-Converting Landing Page Creation2
High-Converting Landing Page Creation2


Discussion from Chetan Funnel Builder

Process of Building High Converting Funnel

Been doing funnels and websites for many years.

Many people ask me what the guarantee my funnel will convert.

The answer is nobody can give you a guarantee.

Even Russell Brunson can’t give you a 100% guarantee that it will make you huge money.



Building a high converting funnel is a continuous process that requires a lot of testing to make everything perfect for higher conversions.

for examples

  • irresistible offer
  • curiosity enticing copy
  • pricing
  • marketing strategy
  • lead magnet
  • design of funnel
  • testimonials
  • traffic

Do you think all this you can do perfectly in one sitting?


It happens over time by doing test, test, test, test, test, and so many tests then only after receiving enough data do we get an idea like

  • What change should be made in the offer
  • what difference should be made in the copy
  • how to create a design for funnel
  • what strategy should follow for ads
  • meaning you overhaul your funnel, then only it becomes a high converting funnel.

If you are not ready to do enough with your funnel, you are hurting your own business. You don’t know what a slight change in your funnel can do for you.

It may increase conversion or decrease, but there is no other way to test if you want high conversion.

That’s the reason we have the concept of A/B testing.

Let me know your thoughts on this?


Discussion from Edwin Teo Kah Wei

Tips for designing a High Converting LANDING PAGE

Many know the importance of a landing page in a funnel because the Landing page is essential. So the purpose of the Landing page is to create a Long-Lasting First Impression in less than 10 seconds.

So since we already know the importance of a Landing Page. The question is, how can we create a high converting one??

These are just a few tips from the tip of the iceberg that everyone should be aware of.

A strong headline– The landing page’s headline plays a huge role as it is the attention grabber, and it is essentially the first “Voice” of the page. Make sure the headline HOOKS the reader.

Keep it mysterious/sneak peek – Give the user a quick sneak peek but don’t reveal too much so that this hooks them even more, to complete scrolling of the page, leading them to click on the CTA button.

Credibility – Ensure to stamp yourself as the authority in the niche. Increased Credibility makes the reader trust more, and TRUST sells. Thus, Credibility acts as a factor in decision making.

Give Assurance– Assurance gives the reader confidence about the services or product, which promises people what they will get from the product. Assurance addresses some of the objections.

Social Proof– Social proof will further Increase the trust of the reader. You can use video testimonies, text testimonies, etc., as social proof to show that people opt in to what you are selling.

Provide Urgency/Scarcity– Urgency and scarcity prompt the reader to take action as most people fear the Missing Out tendency. When the offer is limited, they tend to take action ASAP to enjoy that particular offer.

I have created this landing page with the above in mind. So when you make those, please have these in mind as well.

High-Converting Landing Page Creation-edwin1

High-Converting Landing Page Creation-edwin1
High-Converting Landing Page Creation-edwin1


Discussion from Alex Tucker

How to Write Stronger Headlines For Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, and Ads

Writing high-converting headlines will become necessary to make money in affiliate marketing or sell your products. Email headlines are a bit of a different beast, but many of these tips will also apply. I’ll focus on headlines for sales pages, squeeze/landing pages, and ads.

First, writing great headlines is one of the most important aspects of copywriting. Copywriting is words strung together to encourage the reader to take action. If you’re an online marketer, most of what you write will be some form of a copy.

The primary purpose is to attract attention, create interest or curiosity or desire or some combination thereof, and make the reader want to learn more. If you’re familiar with copywriting, you might have noticed I just described the most well-known copywriting formula, AIDA, which stands for Attraction, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Because the headline is so important, it often determines whether or not someone reads the rest of your article, page, or ad. Because it’s so essential, condensing an entire copywriting framework into the headline can be beneficial.

Of course, if you have a headline that attracts attention, that’s OK. But if you have a headline that attracts attention and creates some interest, that’s better. If you have a headline that attracts attention, creates interest or curiosity, and makes me click on it or do something else like buy something, you’ve just done your whole job with a single line of copy. I believe headlines are the most condensed form of copywriting because you need to cram as much persuasive language into space.

How do you do that? Whether you’re writing a squeeze page or an ad, it makes sense to craft multiple headlines. Even if you write them for yourself, even if you’re not sharing them with anyone else, you’ll be surprised at how often the first, second, or even third headline you write is not the best. And even if your first headline IS the best one, the rest do good practice!

The best headline often won’t be your favorite, and it will not be the most creative of the bunch. A lot of people recommend writing 20 headlines per piece. The headline will be the most read part, so spending some extra time there makes sense.

I’ll be back soon with part 2 of 3 of this piece!


Discussion from Bright Djedje

The 5 step formula to come up with high converting offers quickly

For copywriters and everybody else

You can structure a fantastic copy that keeps spitting you cash every time the right eyeballs see it. Now let’s get into it.

  • BIG Idea.
  • Intriguing Lead.
  • One core emotion.
  • False close.
  • An irresistible offer.

BIG Idea

If you get this wrong, it can affect your whole copy.

People don’t want to see/read another sales pitch; people are tired of clichés.

People are interested in NEW and BIG ideas, so position your copy precisely that way.

Intriguing Lead.

Now I’m sure you get this already. It’s a lead magnet, but one of your target readers cannot pass by.

Ebooks don’t work for this.

It would be best to use something of value, like a free mini-course or a hardcover book.

One core emotion

You could try to use different emotions in your copy, but the idea here is to stick with one.

And use it throughout, subtly but effectively.

Fear, curiosity, anger, it’s your choice.

False close.

False comes near the end of your letter.

False close is used when your reader is already sold on your idea and they’re expecting the sale.

And you do something different, yet another benefit or bonus your reader was not expecting.

An irresistible offer

Put an offer that is too good to pass by.

It would sound stupid not to take it.

And if you’ve successfully followed this, you can put up a copy that converts very easily.

I posted only a few out of many thoughts on Creating a High Converting landing page or sales page. There are many more, and anybody can figure out a converting funnel out of these discussions. The landing page building tools they are using are the same, and they all are looking for their potential customers. Again, I highly recommend you join the private group.

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