The Anatomy Of Sales Funnel | 7 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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Today I like to go through the anatomy of a sales page, and my goal is simple conversion rate optimization. I also reveal seven hacks for conversion rate optimization that will increase your conversion rates by 20-100%. These seven tips are the guide that will lead you to tweak your landing pages, make a few adjustments, and turn them well in conversion rates.

So, you put out some converting landing pages. However, they look beautiful to you but aren’t making any money! And naturally, you are worried, but I say, nothing to worry about. Some simple tiny tweaks can push your landing pages to a money machine.

I’ll be setting forth seven CRO tips, but you may ask, do I need to implement all the 7-simple recommendations for conversion rates optimization for my landing pages? Well, it depends on your situation; you may need all seven, or any one of the seven could make your funnel a success. 

Conversion Rates Optimization: What is it?

Simply put, CRO is a useful methodology that makes the target audience take the action you desire. One of the vital goals of the method to turn the visitors into paying customers. 

CRO is a process. Whenever you start the process by addressing CRO factors, you’ll start getting benefits, which will add to your goals of turning visitors into paying customers and the benefit of increase your revenue. Let’s check what the characteristics should add to benefit us in our desire to turn the target audience into paying customers. 


Get free conversion rate optimized sales funnels
Get free conversion rate optimized sales funnels

Before we get to our seven tips, there are some customary CRO steps you must implement that we have mentioned briefly below: 

Knowing Your Visitors Behavior 

Focusing on CRO gives you the advantage of knowing the visitors of your businesses. You understand why they visit your site, what they want, what they are looking for, and their goals. There are a few ways to measure. 

Marketers know their visitors’ behavior by collecting and analyzing data. You can get these data from the engagement factors of your website’s functionality. Engagement with software in your site or votes, answers to your quizzes, and surveys give you data to categorize the visitors’ behavior. 

Using Visitor Behavior Data To Increase Revenue

Whenever marketers understand the visitor behavior matrix by analyzing data, they have a limitless advantage of boosting their site’s revenue. Google analytics helps a lot to collect data. Marketers can do it by placing precisely the resource they look for. They also can, and they should re-invest in running ads based on the audience matrix. The audience will keep coming back if you keep running the cycle. 

Also, make extensive use of the growth hacking tools, like Crazy Egg service and Google Analytics, to leverage existing traffic. 

The combination of growth hacking and new customer acquisition will boost with the continuous increase of the visitors. 

Minimizing the Cost of Customer Acquisition

You can reduce customer acquisition costs by spending as little as possible to bring in new customers and focus on retaining existing customers. Retention is cheaper than acquisition. 

Focusing On SEO 

The visitors with higher buying intent come to your landing pages from search engines. Search engine optimization is a vital step in CRO. So, optimizing your site for search engines, especially for Google boosts the conversion rate by itself.  

Increase Purchasers’ lifetime value

The visitors turned into purchasers, that’s fine, but that’s not enough. You don’t make much if they purchase once and run away from you. The question is, how many times are they buying from you, how many times they visit your landing pages, and how long are they going to stay as your loyal? So, it would be best if you did some work to increase their lifetime value. 

Put your effort to increase the number of times of purchases from your landing pages. Put your offer button here and there. Offer bundles of your products, so people spend more money. Invite them back via email marketing, engage with them on social media (TwitterFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.), and host big product launches. 

And don’t forget about the customer support service. If you’re there for your customers, they’ll return.

Enhance Your Website Trust

Everybody buys from Amazon and searches on Google because they trust the site. But these sites didn’t build the trust overnight- they did it gradually over the years! It would be best if you started doing the same as what Amazon or Google started doing decades ago. 

So, start putting trust factors in your site, like social proof, SSL certificate, social media proofs, badges, customer reviews, and recommendations. Also, define privacy-policy & Terms of services of your site. Build trust by giving effort on good support service. 

Okay now, let’s get to our seven conversion tips below: 

Conversion rate Optimization Tips- Number One

We go through the anatomy of successful sales funnels and landing pages, we do a lot of reviews, and that’s our business. We noticed that the headlines that arise the curiosity make an outstanding contribution.

The conversion will be more, the more curiosity your headline could generate. It’s simple as that in online businesses. 

So, how to make a headline that initiates more curiosity? One thing is don’t reveal 100% of your Offer, no matter what your Offer is. Most of the visitors would think, okay, I know what it is! Then they will decide if they want it or don’t want it. 

Better to conceal than reveal in your headlines. You can say what your Offer isn’t instead of saying what it is. So, “get it now to see what it is,” or a similar call-to-action will be a perfect answer to the curious visitors. Then your visitors will be interested to know what your Offer is! “I gotta find out what it is.” See what I mean? 

This simple tip will drastically reduce the ad cost for conversion for your funnel. And also, you’ll enjoy a sharp rise in conversation. 

Check this example headline:

“How I made Six Figures With A Service That doesn’t require cold calling, spending a lot of money or time, or require additional tools and Apps, and it’s not Facebook ads, FCO, email, social media, image or video marketing.” 

You see, the headline says what the Service is not and declares that the Service made six figures in revenue! But it doesn’t reveal what it is at all!

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) Tips- Number Two

You must, and I said, MUST grow your subscriber’s list by giving away a lead magnet. You would say on your page; I’m giving you this thing for free if you give me your email address and name. This part is simple.

Now, pay close attention. Your lead magnet must appear valuable to the visitors- it’s vital for lead generation. So, it would be best if you give away something so useful to you that you feel the pain to give it away for free! You could make money selling it, but you are giving it away! It has that much value! It was tough for you to resist the temptation to sell it online rather than giving it away!

Do you get what I mean?

 CRO Tips- Number Three

You put a lead generation system; you got the email addresses of your leads; now what? You lead them to your next page in your value ladder. Here it would be best if you played with the three things: the emotion, the logic, and the sense of urgency of the visitors. 

Starting with one of your life-story would make the prospect emotionally engaged. Most of your visitors would buy-off emotion. But some people would logically justify your value-proposition even they are emotionally engaged. 

You can satisfy them with the logical justification of your Offer. You can start explaining your value proposition right after your story has ended. 

And finally, after you made your logic, put some urgency and scarcity in the end because most people are fear-based. Pushing the prospect over the edge initiates action from them. 

Learn to start with an emotion arising story, tying it with your logical proposition. And finally, initiating a sense of urgency. Emotion, logic, and fear are the three things you need to put. And tweak to perfection for conversion-rate optimization. 

CRO Tips: Number Four

Offer and Order Form Bump to Increase Sales. When somebody comes on the landing pages and goes and buys something, we would just sell them the product or Service. Then we have our upsells and down-sells somewhere along the line. 

If selling an e-book like, “Hey, do you want the audiobook?”

If selling a training course, “Hey, do you want the templates?” 

The key is after somebody puts in their credit card before they put in the thing. You have an offer that’s really quick there for $17, $27, $37, and impulse buy. Make it easier so they could “click the button.” 

If it’s something that needs to be a long explanation, it’s not the right thing. It has to be an impulse buy that you add right there. And in most of our funnels, the profit that comes from this covers our ad spend. 

Conversion-rate Optimization Tips- Number Five

Keep your up-sells and down-sells open. What I mean is never to say, “thank you for your order, or we received your order.” You are closing the buying loop, and your conversion would go down. We are sure about it. And we are talking based on testing and analyzing hundreds of funnels acting in the market. 

Instead, always use,

“Wait! Your order’s not complete yet.”

Or “do not shut down this page.”

Or “It’s not done yet.” 

You are not closing but keeping the buying-loop open. We had many clients, and they have this up-sale, and we just tweaked, “Thank you for your order.” It’s like, “Wait, your order’s not yet complete!” And it increases conversions dramatically. 

CRO Tips- Number Six

It would be best if you pitched some congruent offers on the final Thank you page. That is after the customers went through your Offer, up-dells, and down-sell pages. And finally, reach your Thank You page. 

They bought your offers already, and it’s like saying, “by the way, here are some cool-stuffs you might need!” 

CRO- Number Seven

Okay, here’s the last tips. Add a webinar-Offer on The Thank-you page. Offer live training that’ll be staged soon. Also, put social proof of the previous Offer.  

Now, a percentage of people who buy one of the Offers start buying out $2000 product. We sell at the back as well, and that is what a Thank You page webinar is. 

Okay then. I hope you like my conversion rate optimization tips for your businesses. If you like those, please let me know in the comments below.

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