Is Groovefunnels Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the GroovFunnels affiliate program is free. It is free to join and free to make as many commissions as you can make! 

But before you jump in to promote the program, I recommend you know a few things about the system. It will only help you to promote a better way and to make you more commissions. 

At least, you need to know a few things as follows:

  • What is GrooveFunnels (GF) that you are about to promote
  • how legitimate the product is
  • how the program works, and
  • if the product lucrative enough to make you a big earning

We will address each of the issues above so that you could decide if the program will be a good fit for you. 

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1. What Is GrooveFunnels

GF is basically a membership site. You’ll find quite a number of apps inside the member area, and they are needed to run an online business. You can call the GF a complete digital marketing suite. The app, GroovePages is the most vital app of GF and it builds pages and sales funnels

You can run your entire business with only one GF membership, whether you are a small business owner, an enterprise, or an entrepreneur. Every resource of online business you are getting under a single roof. No other apps, software, or services will be needed to run your business. 

Currently, there are twelve apps inside the member area of GF. And most of them are fully-functional with their core features, but a few are still in the beta-stage. And there are a few apps under the “Future GrooveFunnels” drop-down menu in the member-area dashboard.

Also, there are some apps that the GF team has announced. But they are yet to include in the dashboard. GrooveDigital team of developers is working day and night to release these apps.

You can see the roll-out schedule of all the apps as announced by the GF team.

Here is the list of apps of the GF member-area:

Fully Functional Apps








Apps Under Future GrooveFunnels





GrooveWebinars™ (Live)

Apps Announced (Not inside the member area yet)


GrooveWebinars™ (Automated)

GrooveStreaming™ (live)

GrooveStreaming™ (Automated)



2. What Is GrooveHosting

The GF membership comes with free web hosting, the GrooveHosting. And both free and upgraded members enjoy their hosting without any additional cost.

One more vital issue to talk about on GrooveHosting. That is, the web pages and sales funnels hosted with GrooveHosting loads faster on the browsers, page loading time is less, suitable for Google ranking. It is because the GroovePages uses the latest framework called progressive Javascript framework Vue Js. In comparison, all other platforms are still using a decade old technology called Bootstrap. Besides, Groove uses the fastest Google servers for hosting & bandwidth and covers all the costs.

3. Is GrooveFunnels a Scam?

I’m a GF user and an affiliate. And I have used the suite for more than a year as a free member. Six months ago, I upgraded and became a lifetime GrooveFunnels pro member paying a one-time fee. So, with my first-hand user experience, I can tell with full confidence that: GrooveFunnels is legit, absolutely legit, and it is nowhere near a scam. 

Apart from my user experience, I had complete confidence in the GF team, especially the CEO. I knew his credentials for a long time. He has a proven track record of producing complex software services to make digital marketers’ lives easy. 

You can check Google and Facebook for “Mike Filsaime,” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll know, GF is not the first that Mike is involved with. He created services like WebinerJam and EverWebinar, and also Kartra. 

The bottom line is, GF is in safe and capable hands, and there’s nothing to worry about its legitimacy.  

4. Who Created GF?

A person named Mike Filsaime & his team, John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, Matt Serralta, created it. Mike is the CEO and co-founder.

Mike is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, online marketing coach, and consultant. Also, the author of a couple of books. He has been one of the online marketing industry leaders for a long time now. He has produced several software solutions that have helped businesses gain success. Software like Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar – he’s the man behind them. His experience with Kartra evoked the vision to create the GF.

5. How Does The GrooveFunnels Affiliate-Program Work?

GF affiliate-program works similar to any other affiliate programs out there. You’ll get your unique affiliate links and promo-tools once you get inside of your account dashboard. All you have to do is to promote your affiliate links across the web. The affiliate program is run by an in-house app named GrooveAffiliate.

6. What is GrooveAffiliate?

While most similar services use third-party affiliate management services, Groove has gone one step ahead to make its own management software called GrooveAffiliate. It’s a complete portal with promo tools and analytic data. 

7. Is It Worth Joining the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program? 

Yes, it is. Absolutely! GF is like the early days of ClickFunnels. But at a greater capacity. It is not merely a solo-page builder but a page builder attached to a complete digital marketing suite. 

The program offers attractive payouts and promo-materials to help affiliates succeed. The success of the affiliates means more significant market share acquisition, and this is their current priority.

During the early days of the company, GF offers excellent free lifetime access to GrooveSell and GroovePages. These are attractive incentives that will definitely help to improve conversions. 

Here are the reasons why it is worth joining the program:

  1. The scheme has a 2-Tier commission structure. It is one of the best affiliate-scheme now. It pays a whopping 40% commission (for Pro members) and a 10% Tier-2 commission. 

Also, the free members aren’t left out from the vast earning potentials. They get 20% and a 5% tier-2 commission. 

Groovefunnels affiliate program commission structure

2. It is like a gold rush that GF is new, and they are pushing hard to gain market share. Besides, there’s a hype about online sales funnel software. The product is gaining a lot of attention among online marketers.  

3. GF offers free membership to some of its core apps. We know that converting a free product is easy. Who doesn’t like free products? You just bring in another free member via your affiliate links, and the GF team takes care to make them a pro-member. The commission will be yours no matter how many days, months, or years it takes to convert. 


8. How To Sign Up For The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

The beauty is you don’t have to sign up at all for the program. Even you don’t have to apply or submit some kind of application form to join. You just become a free GF member, that’s all. Your affiliate program and affiliate dashboard will be automatically created with your unique links, promo materials, and other features. It’s an auto-approval affiliate program for every GF member, no matter a free member or an upgraded member.  

9. Where Do I Find My Affiliate Links?

After you have signed up for the GrooveFunnels account, and once you’re inside, you will see your dashboard like the image below. Find the “Apps” tab (represented by four squares) from the left panel. Clicking on the tab will expand the panel vertically and reveal the GrooveAffiliate tab. This tab takes you to the desired area of your affiliate links. Also, you’ll have all the promo-tools and detailed stats of your promo-activities here.


GrooveFunnels affiliate program dashboard1
Dashboard of GrooveFunnels1
GrooveFunnels affiliate program dashboard2
Dashboard of GrooveFunnels2

10. How Much Does GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Pay?

Like I mentioned earlier, your affiliate earnings as a GrooveFunnels affiliate depend on the account level and plan you’re on.

If you’re on a GF FREE plan, you’ll earn 20% affiliate commissions. And if you’re a paid GrooveFunnels user, you’ll earn 40% affiliate commissions on every plan you refer to potential customers you refer to be a paid user.

GrooveAffiate will pay you out, once per week, after you’ve completed two sales, 37-45 days after the sale has been made. This is because of the 30-day money-back guarantee, followed by a 7-15 day grace period. 

11. Can I Make Money With GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

Yes, absolutely! 

It is the easiest program to sell online. You sell it at $0.00, Free! What could be cheaper than free from a customer’s point of view? 

All you have to do is taking in some free members, and the Groove team will do the rest. Okay, don’t think that they will convert ten out of ten! But with the promo-strategy taken by the master strategist, Mike Filsaime, one or two will convert. And that’s what will be enough commissions for you because it will be a big payout. Your earning potentials increases with the number of your referrals. 

How much money you can make as a Groove affiliate will depend on your skill level to a certain extent. However, it will mostly depend on the amount of work you put into it and your commitment to the program. 

Take the example of an affiliate, Angie Norris, who is absolutely CRUSHING IT. She has already made well over $50,000 as commissions, and that was ever before the official launch date. Another, Fb profile you should check to inspire yourself is Martin Boeddecker. 

Well, you may be new to promoting other people’s products online. Or just want a few tips that will help you promote this kind of affiliate product. In this case, I would recommend you join the official Facebook group. Also, there is a portal called the “Groove Digital Academy.” You will all the promotion technics needed to make a decent amount in a few weeks or months.

12. Where Can I Find a Detailed GrooveFunnels Review?

I’m delighted you asked because it shows your fascination. Knowing as much as possible is the best thing to do if you want to become a member and promote. A few days ago, I wrote a complete GrooveFunnels review. Also, you will get a comparison review with it’s the closest service, the ClickFunnels. Please head over here to read the full GrooveFunnels review

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